How out with Allie and her dad was

How to love a novelWritten by: Katie Cotugno Reena has a baby girl named Hannah but the dad Sawyer had left her and Hannah to go to Florida. But now 3 three years later suddenly he comes back and starts going out with Reena’s best friend Allie. After a while Reena and Sawyer started hanging out and one time Reena even lied to her dad about going out with sawyer, Reena said she was going out with Allie and her dad was surprised and said that that was a name that he has not heard in a little while and all Reena said was “yeah”. When they went out Reena was surprised when Sawyer asked “You want ice cream?” Reena was so surprised she said “Ice cream” then sawyer said “Yeah, Princess, ice cream.”.

So they went to the ice cream Reena offered to pay but Sawyer said, when Reena was looking for her wallet she took out a book about travelling and Sawyer asked her if she was going on a vacation and she was so startled she said yes then no and that it was for a college application. Sawyer asked her why she applying for college so soon and she said “I’m graduating a year early, so i’m going to apply in the fall” so Sawyer now wants to read her college application after she is done. After Sawyer said that he wanted to read Reena’s college application he kissed her and they kept on kissing and then Sawyer’s phone started ringing but he ignored it and kept kissing Reena but then Reen’s phone started ringing and she knew that she probably should answer it, so Reena answered her phone and it was her dad telling her to come to the hospital right away because Allie got into a car accident and passed away.

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As soon as Reena finished her call with her dad she told Sawyer what had happened and they rushed right down to the hospital, as soon as they got to the hospital Allie’s mom grabbed Reena by the arm and started saying that Allie was dead over and over again as soon as Allie’s mom said that she was crying just like everyone else would and then Reena and Allie’s mom were sitting down crying into each other’s arms wishing Allie was still there, through the crying Reena kept on saying I never made up with her, I never made up with her and that made her cry even more.