Health status. A total health assessment cannot be

Health Assessment
Health Assessment
As a healthcare practitioner working with a student who performs an exam of the cranial nerves incorrectly yet she is resistant to accept her mistake, it is important to explain to the student on the importance of adequately collecting all information during a total health assessment (Bickley, Szilagyi, & Bates, 2013). All assessments are important in providing adequate information in evaluating a patient’s health status. A total health assessment cannot be based on one assessment rather all assessments, which include physical, mental, and spiritual assessment, should be all evaluated and compared to help a healthcare practitioner in making an informed decision (Bickley, Szilagyi, ; Bates, 2013). It is important for the student to be aware of the importance of adequately gathering information during a physical assessment of a patient.

This can be achieved by following a clear and concise sequence, which is meant to ensure that the examiner does not forget to examine specific areas (Bickley, Szilagyi, ; Bates, 2013). It is important for a healthcare practitioner to stress the importance of having an effective examination, which does not neglect any specific areas starting from the head to the toe. This is because a total health assessment is based on all pieces of information collected from all assessments conducted on a patient, which must all be satisfying (Bickley, Szilagyi, ; Bates, 2013). Without accurate information from the specific assessments, the total health assessment will not be effective and useful in helping the healthcare practitioner make informed decisions related to the diagnostic process as well as the treatment process. This is important as inaccurate or insufficient information may misguide the healthcare process (Bickley, Szilagyi, ; Bates, 2013).
Bickley, L. S., Szilagyi, P. G., ; Bates, B. (2013).¬†Bates’ guide to physical examination and history-taking. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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