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Have you ever wondered what kind of parent you might turn out to be? Have you thought about being a pretty lenient, fun parent? Have you also considered being a strict, stern parent? Well I bet it can be pretty tough to choose, but today, I have some facts to share about strict parenting that might lead you to the right decision, unless you already have :).1. Behavior Problems • According to Dr. Laura Markham, a clinical psychologist and author of “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids,”. Strict parenting can actually create behavior problems. Dr.

Laura says the strict parent deprives children of the opportunity to learn self-discipline, because all control and decisions come from the parent. In fact, the kids reject the limits because the parents don’t take their feelings into account. If punitive discipline is used, the teen is also more likely to be rebellious, angry or depressed, become overweight or become an excellent liar. So watch out.2.

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Culture and ethnicity• Culture and ethnicity may play a role in the effect strict parenting has on teens. Amy Chua, a Yale professor and author of her own book called “Battle Hymn of the Chinese Mother,” remembers that her Chinese immigrant parents were extremely strict. Although strict parenting worked for her and her oldest daughter, her younger daughter rebelled and she had to change her parenting ways. They say strict parents from European-American homes raised children who were more likely to be depressed, while Spanish and Brazilian adolescents had lower self-esteem than those from homes with authoritative parents. German teens with authoritarian parents were more likely to be anxious. In some studies of adolescents in America and the Middle East, however, there is no evidence of emotional problems from strict parenting.

3. It teaches children to bully• According to Aha!, Kids like to follow their parents ways so be careful in what you do because children do take a lot from that, The author of the website says “Kids learn what they live and what you model, right? Well, if kids do what you want because they fear you, how is that different than bullying? If you yell, they’ll yell. If you use force, they’ll use force.

“So in conclusion, From what most studies show, strict parenting can be tough, there can be good outcomes and bad ones but it’s all up to you on who you want to be and how you want to parent your children just make a decision and pray to God that your not screwing up your child’s life. Best wishes and good luck :D. – Laurel Lewis