“Graphic to create a wide variety of physical

“Graphic design will continue further its dependence on technology to create interesting and compelling narratives and concepts. In the future, as the quality of 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality continue to progress, designers will have more expressive ways of sharing their vision.This technology-centered approach will increase designers reliance on computer aided design, pushing graphic design away from traditional tools and more into the virtual world.

This shift will be accompanied by more niche professional experts, instead of generalist designers.”Digital media is just another art form that has evolved by the development of a different tool to produce it. Ironically, this argument can actually be turned around. With the growing use of 3D printing, the virtual can be turned into the tangible .By using “the reverse process-taking pure data and using it to create a wide variety of physical objects, actions or services”(Schwab,21).

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