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Franco and Zimbardo explore the concept of the banality of heroism. Do you think this is a concept worth cultivating in society? Be sure to define the heroic imagination and outline some ways to stimulate it. This can include the Arts (movies, books, television) and other strategies. Whenever people think about heroism they tend to immediately think about the fight for freedom and justice, saving the people’s life…To be specific, a hero is the one who is willing to help another person in various ways.

Some people are very brave, courageous, kind but they take credit for it. Hence, it is difficult to recognize what an actual hero is also there are many different points about the hero. True heroism is the one who does something for another without expecting anything, goes through noble and courageous acts in the life. The popular identity of heroes in nowadays cannot be anyone starting from doctor, nurse, firefighter, military… The profession or the position in the career of one people cannot show they are hero or not. Most of people claim that all the firefighters or soldiers are heroes but nowadays it is not true anymore. True heroism is being courageous, not scared to stand up to assistance others. Clearly enough, one person receives an advantage from the others cannot seem as heroic.

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A clearly example, a house is burning seriously, so the firefighter enters the house to help and save the people’s lives knowing that he may not come back again is supposed heroic. If the firefighter just stays outside the burning house and tries so hard to save the lives fearing his life to enter the house is not supposed heroic. He also did his firefighter’s duty but it is not enough for us to call him a true hero. Definitely, a real hero is willing to sacrifice his life to save another. Besides sacrifice, hero must have a specific purpose and concentrate on it, doing what he believes is the right thing to do. In the real life, it is necessary to cultivate this quality in the society. The concept about the true hero has changed over time from the past to the present.

The term “hero” is used incorrect situations like a football player, a diva, an actress…The factor of the fact that they are just a player in the game or the one who activates in the entertainment environment. They do not have any contribution for the human or sacrifice anything for the people. A specific example for this case is that, Selena Gomez is known as American singer and actress and she comes from United States. In 2015, she has been diagnosed with Lupus which is chronic autoimmune disease. It can causes some of the symptoms like damage to lungs, kidney, inflammation, skin, heart…Her best friend is Franca Raisa who is a 29 year old actress from California has donated one of her kidney to Selena Gomez. Undeniably, Franca Raisa herself knows clearly it will effect directly to her health or her career in the future but their 8 years friendship drive her to do the right thing to save Selena’s life.

She did that because just want to give more strength for Selena overcomes the illness not her reputation. People can recognize the courageous act of Franca is a true hero. Generally, heroism concept is an actual needed in our life which should nurture in the early of the beginning of one person. According to me, each of us can be potential hero waiting for a moment in life and it do not base on your age, job, position in the social life to become a hero. There are many ways to identity the heroic imagination such as provoking the hostile imagination can lead to heroic imagination such as caring or helping for another… Heroic imagination can help people to realize some opportunities which they can support others in need, and then get ready to take actions regardless of the danger unpredictability or the consequences. Admittedly, once the heroic imagination pushes properly behavior it will turn to heroic action. There are so various ways to nurture heroism imagination in each ordinary people.

Each private should identify some of the awareness things which do not fit. Interpersonal conflict is also a key point of heroic imagination which helps people to hold tightly their principle in the life despite everyone has the anxiety about the conflict with others. Give oneself enough an extended time to look at the past, or not just the current moment and allow it to inform the decision in the future that means through the trees in the present time but it will be a forest in the future.

Another ways is fight against the rationalize inaction, let’s do something instead and do not just stand and ignore in the face of the life. The last way to grow the heroic imagination is think beyond than expect, think about those extraordinary things in the life instead of safety zone.Nowadays, young generation has the faint perception about how heroic imagination is or what should to do to develop of it.

Hence, utilize the art is the way to inspire young generation in general also a particular private to become heroic. In this case, The Letters (2014) movie is a best example to convey the message about heroic imagination. This movie tells about Mother Theresa who receives the message from the God telling her to help the miserable people…She has spent her whole life and sacrificed anything to serve others but it caused inconsistent with the Roman Catholic Church and India’s Government. After death, her untold story half opens through the personal letter which is written for last 40 years.

With all the things she has done with noble sacrifice for humanity, the history recognizes her as the greatest humanitarians. Mother Theresa is a resplendent symbol about heroism for all the generations.All things considered, heroism is the crucial part which should be cultivated in the society. Each one should develop the heroic imagination in their mind to have the proper perception and do courageous acts. Everyone is the potential hero when they realize to do something to make a better World in the future.