Following velocity, pressure drop, noise and sometime

Following are some results we obtained in this project which will help to optimize the steam distribution system.

1. As we want to improve steam quality in wood fired boiler, it is found during project work in factory that proper insulation of best suited material can help in improvement in quality of steam.

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2. If the pipe carrying the steam has diameter more than or less than required diameter, it will lead to major problem like loss of steam heat due to condensation, loss of velocity, pressure drop, noise and sometime it may burst.

So, the proper pipe diameter is required for the satisfactory utilization of steam quality. Line sizing has been calculated using suitable formulas and it is concluded that it has been undersized previously. So we have calculated the optimum diameter for given conditions of steam.
3. There is not any technical person in SWAMI TEXTILE. So the plant layout, their working strategy and dealing with the difficulties occurring during operation was very poor. No technical guidance during operation can cause lots of loss of energy, steam, fuel and work.

So we also concentrate on other problem regarding to boiler. During this, we concentrate on the boiler fuel alternation like using natural gas instead of wood. We gathered the information about the oil thermal boiler. All the analysis and also cost analysis helped us to determine that oil thermal boiler is best suited.

We also convinced the owner of factory for replacement of boiler and proper insulation