First of all

First of all,what is martial arts?Martial arts is a combat sports for us to defense or attack for ourselves. There is a lot of martial arts in our world for example Taekwando, Jujutsu, Capoeira, Silat, Kungfu and much more. Martial arts also can be learn by man, woman, or children.if we learn the martial arts we can gain a lot of things from it.There is three reason why we need to learn Martial arts.Its is to protect ourselves from being hurt, to teaches us about honor, and improve our mental and physical strength.
Without further ado, im going to tell first reason why we need to learn martial arts. First, it is for defense ourselves from being hurt. Most of the people out there especially kids and woman a getting bullied or being hurt from the others people. According to the mirror (n.d), “he shut the door and try to said that he want to used the toilet but he attack and tried to raped the female worker”. For example, In China, there is a restaurant that been attack by a man, the man was trying to raped a female worker in that restaurant. But before the man attack the woman, That woman use her martial arts to take down the man on the ground. As we can see from that incident, if the woman did not know how defend herself maybe she will the raped victim.
For your information, martial arts also can teach us about honor to others people. In martial arts they teach us how to build our honor. Honor is show a respect for someone or feeling the pride and pleasure resulting when respect is shown to you. According to Lakes Martial Arts “honor is all about doing it properly”. For example, keeping your promises, no matter how big or small, admit your mistakes and apologize to people when you make a mistake. As we can see martial arts also can change our attitude from a person who can not to manage ourselves and become a responsible person.
And the last reason is improve our mental and physical strength. We already know that in martial arts, they will trained us with a lot of mental and physical test. According to Chai (2000) “most of the martial arts training gave a strength and better physical”. For example the martial artist will ask us to do push up, burpees, deadlifts and thrusters many times. Its to create our body from small body to buff. This training also can make us become a proactive person. Most of people join in martial arts will get a buff body from their extreme training.
In the nutshell, martial arts gave us a lot of great experience, we also can create a now family from martial arts. It also will make our relationship with our teammate become closed. We should grateful because without martial arts we could get bullied. This is the three reason why we need to learn martial arts which is to protect ourselves from being hurt, to teaches us about honor, and improve our mental and physical strength.