First of all

First of all,what is fast food restaurants? Fast food restaurants is the biggest restaurants and
very popular in every country in this world.It is because the fast food restaurants receive a
great response from a public. Fast food restaurants is similar like junk food because has same
ingredient to make the food more flavouring and delicious. Nowdays ,there are few type of
fast food restaurants in this world such as McDonald, Kfc, Starbucks, and Burger King . The
fast food restaurants has a good management and a powerful planning in attractive a people
to come to the fast food restaurants.The fast food restaurants also has bring a bad effect to our
people.How fast food restaurants can become popular and what is the effect of fast food
restaurants to people?.There a two causes and one effect of popularity fast food restaurants is
the food taste good , improve their product and service and and the effect is major causes of
Firstly, the causes of popularity fast food restaurants is the food taste good.Many people
argued that food fast restaurants has a marvellous and delicious meal because they love on
keeping eat fast food for their whole day.The ingredient in the fast food is salt and sugar that
totally make the food tastes very well. As we know the fast food are very famous in among of
teenagers and children because the fast food is the simple and easy ways for them to eat
when they are hungry. According to Sommer, J. (2014) “Inside the fast food have a contents
that a lot of unhealthy ingredient “. For example , the food at fast food restaurants is French
fries, Hamburger and Ice cream that has a lot of sugar and salt to make it tastes very
delicious.Therefore , the food taste good is the causes that fast food restaurants become
Secondly, the causes of popularity fast food restaurants is always improve their product
and service.Many company today are trying to attractive people by improve their product and
service.Its is because they want to get a good response from people about their fast food
restaurants and want to compete with another company.The fast food restaurants also will do
commercial a new meal or food in their restaurants and also they has improve their service
like drive-thru.According to Edrington , A. (n.d) promoting a toys and special menu is the
way to attract more children come to the fast food restaurants.For example , McDonald have
doing the promotion like Happy meals and give redeem present with is toys for the
children .Therefore, improving product and service is the causes of popularity fast food
restaurants Last but not least , the effect of popularity fast food is major cause of diseases.Many
people today is not agree about fast food restaurants can causes a diseases or can getting
unhealthy person .If people or children are keeping on eating fast food everyday, the higher
of chances to get a diseases a high.There a few type disease of fast food restaurants with is
obesity ,liver damage and diabetes .According to Circulation (n.d) the people who are eating
fast food more than one time per weeks the chances of getting a risk in diseases are totally
higher .For example , the girl can get breast cancer risk in their life if always eating fast food
during adolescence .Therefore , the major causes of disease is the effect of fast food
restaurants .
In a nutshell based on the justification above , there is the causes of popularity fast food is
the food taste good, the improving of their product and service and the effect of fast food is
major causes of diseases .Its is depend on our people to control of eating fast food per
weeks , its because the fast food restaurants has brought a good and bad benefit to our
world.One example , many country in this world has the fast food restaurants for their
citizens to eat but the people must control their passion of eating fast food everyday because
can causes brought a diseases like heart damage