Film is very important because it worth

Film on obsessive compulsive disorderNameProfessorInstitutionCourseDate Film on obsessive compulsive disorderYou got the idea but the way you organized the essay will not give me 5% This paper is very important because it worth 50 % of my final grade Can you please organize the writing as the following 1)Introduction2)Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosis of OCD 3)Best Available Treatment4)Prognosis With and Without Treatment 5) Impacts of the Client’s Disorder on Family6) Impact of Social Institutions to the Sufferer In researches, obsessive-compulsive disorder patients are characterized in accordance to the themes of their obsessions and compulsions. In the film, addiction and substance abuse disorders are evident. The film illustrates in deeper terms the effects and results of substance abuse on different characters. The effects are either short term or long term.

The film showcases the massive struggle by Melvin to either cope with the situation or get away with the long term effects. The disorders Melvin is experiencing is affecting not only him but also the people around him. Melvin suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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The disorder mentally impaired his misanthropy. His disorder affects almost everybody he reacts with. This is one of the effects of the disorder. As an effects, the disorder makes him superstitious (Peris et al, 2012).

The Obsessive-compulsive disorder involves unwanted distressing thoughts. Due to this distress, Melvin eats food in the same table in the same restaurant. Melvin even goes on using disposable plastic plates and spoons. This is due to his fear of germs. This is an evidential display of Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Some disorders may be caused by illegal substances( what disorder we only taking about OCD here , whats going on brother ) while others are caused by legalized beverages. Use of a substance in exclusively larger amounts over a long period of time may cause permanent or temporary disorders. The disorders affects the social life of an individual and even impacts the family and the whole society negatively (Olatunji et al, 2013). The affected person becomes Unable to work properly as he used to be. The person may too dedicate himself or herself on substance abuse. Melvin’s behavior is unbearable in the restaurant, only one waiter understands the situation and cares for him.

This show casts how the Obsessive- compulsive disorder affects relationships and the society at large. In the film, the effects of sub stance abuser bare the clear cause of Obsessive-compulsive disorder. A drug addict works according to the limits of the substance in question.

This means he can do nothing without and will somebody appear sick when denied access. Melvin is controlled by drugs in his life situation. He got the disorder from the long term effects of cocaine and alcohol. how do u know This greatly affects him as it controls the functions of the brain as and the whole nervous system (Olatunji et al, 2013). The setting of the film did an excellent work in trying to elaborate the substance abuse and the results they harmer to an individual and the society at large. In the Obsessive-compulsive disorder pairs with the misanthropy.

This makes Melvin behave in a more strange way. As he walks, he avoids stepping or4 either being in conduct with the cracks on the sidewalk. With time, he gains interest in one waitress of the restaurant; the only one who is able to tolerate with Melvin’s strange behavior. This can only be cured by widely regarding a psychological treatment for the Obsessive-compulsive Disorder.

This means that a cognitive treatment may offer assistance to calm the situation. This is because an immediate withdrawal from the drug causes harm to the user. It may result into painful, undesirable and more so life-threatening physiological effects (Merlo et al, 2009). The film firmly addresses the emotional response of a persons in an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The emotions of Melvin are clear in the film.

This comes out a day when Simon Melvin’s neighbor, is attacked and almost killed by robbers. There is left an agent in Simon’s homestead to take good care of the dog. As Simon is still recovering in hospital, Frank Sachs intimidates Melvin. At first, Melvin is unwilling and not enjoying caring for the dog. With time, Melvin becomes emotionally attached to it. After Simon is out of office, Melvin I too much emotionally attached on the dog such that it’s hard for him to let it go.

Again the emotional behavior is seen when Carol leaves the restaurant to go to her home. Melvin emotionally attached to Carol since find and adjust to the ways of another waiter or waitress (Merlo et al, 2009). The film further gives a sole summon of family break due to drug and substance abuse. The movie shows how the Obsessive-compulsive disorder negatively affects family and possibly result into break ups. After Melvin invites Carol to give them a company, Carol accepts. A strong bond is created between the two.

In Baltimore, Carol for the very first time persuades Melvin to take her out. While taking dinner in the outing, Melvin just out of the effect of the Obsessive-compulsive disorder, makes comments which frustrate Carol. Soon after they go back to New York.

Carol openly speaks out and tell Melvin that she needed him no more in life. This is a showcase of how the disorder affects and makes relationships fragile (Abramowitz et al, 2003). The inability of Melvin to acknowledge the disorder and look for necessary attention to do away with the disorder gives more negative ……………….