Emily this position. Between then and now I

Emily Andrews
11837 12th st. Santa Fe, TX, 77510 | 832-640-7110 | [email protected]
Kelly Rodrigues
Licensed Vocational Nurse
College of the Mainland
1200 N Amburn Rd, Texas City, TX, 77591
Dear Kelly Rodrigues,
I am writing to apply for the position of Licensed Vocational Nurse at ____________. I am confident that I am competent and knowledgeable with the skills in the job description provided. I graduated from College of the Mainland from the Licensed Vocational Nursing School in December 2018, making me a great applicant for this position. Between then and now I prepared for my NCLEX Licensure Exam for Texas Board of Nursing. I now have my Texas Nursing License No: ________. I have the profound ability to shape good relationships with patients and the family and friends of the patients.

Some of my key skills you may find relevant to a LVN position include:
Taking vital signs and updating patients’ charts.
Obtaining, evaluating and recording patient history in the files.

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Preparing treatment rooms and teaching procedures to patients.

Administering medications and immunizations
I positive that my education meets the requirements for the position. Attached is my resume that will give you further information. I will call after four days to request an interview and during this time I will be available at 832-640-7110
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing back.
Emily Andrews