Dubai 31/10/2018 Dear Sir

Dear Sir,
I would like to express my appreciation for giving a chance to explore about my job responsibility and your vision about the concept oriented maintenance services.

Before I am going to describe some details about the project I will furnish some of my personal and professional success plan that I did not mentioned on my CV.

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I am an agreeableness personality by nature and I don’t mind to sacrifice for others happiness. By professional I pride myself on my maintenance experience with customer service skills and an ability to resolve what could be the difficult situation. I prefer to complete the task well ahead of scheduled.
All through our conversation we discuses about how can we improve the service in existing AMC maintenance and the implementation of an exclusive on call maintenance services.

Some of the main areas to be focus in AMC Services:-
Use direct staff as much as possible unless the job were big for direct staff to handle effectively
SLA should be written with all necessary points (Time, warranty Brand, method of installation …etc)
In comprehensive AMC strictly follow the preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance once in a month so we can reduce the spare parts expenses and installation time as well
In non comprehensive AMC set couple of visit in a year for preventive maintenance and arrange a good economy thru service charge and spare parts.

Multitask maintenance team can be used for other small scale maintenance to cover the overheads.

Internal, external KPI and SLA should monitored strictly
Promote client feed back to improve publicity and vehicle should be branded as well
Coordinate with the client at least one day before the scheduled service visit and ask if there any other maintenance issues to rectify
Keep clear communication between vendors and suppliers
Understanding the priority of service
Always ware PPE and strictly flow the safety instruction
Wear coverall as a work uniform.
Some foremost points for the Exclusive on call Maintenance Service:-
Marketing is very important
Service name should be very short, Like Royal FIX, Fix PRO like that.

Team members should be multi tasked and not more than 3-4 pax/unit including driver.

Should use light colors uniform
Use disposable coverall and shoe cover while working inside the villa or apartment
Business should give attention to only in HNI client community.

Full loaded branded vehicle
Approved community work permit
Accommodation should be near to the targeted area.

Grooming should follow strictly
Use professional equipment and tools
Exclusive marketing items -preferred magnet sticker
Implement Royalty programs.

Require completion report with client feed back
Controlling cost as much as possible
As you are focusing to do the exclusive maintenance facilities with online integrated services our staff should be well trained in approach, body language and professional installation method in such way of practice people will say that the company well qualified in their profession.

I am very glad to let you know some of my hardest situation I had faced.

One of the toughest parts I had faced during the implement of a new standard and star rating of governments services outlets, especially we are one of the element origination in the same category. One day at some stage on my regular duty I had got and information from my line manager that we have to change 260 fluorescent panels light to LED down light from Oudh Mehta Tasheel.

My line manager started blaring about the light installation plan because we don’t have much electrician that time. Hence I took the complete responsibility of the plan process goes fast. Immediately me and my line manager discuss with finance manager about fund racing because we don’t have time for quotation, PR and approvals. The mean time I was sourcing workmanship from internal and external, at last around 19:00 hrs I arranged all the materials and 4 electrician including our internal staff and during that time our MEP supervisor was on vacation.

Even many complications in installation process and night work approval from Dubai police at last we started our work at 20:00 hrs During the time I have taken a lot of decision without informing to the line manager that he admitted and according to my plan all the responsibility was clearly informed to each team member and make sure that they understood what I explained. After a long work hours we overcome the unrealistic deadline at around 07:00 hrs next day morning. I had given off day to the team members who worked whole night and I went home for fresh up and come back without sleep a wink to attend inspection eagerly at 09:30 then I entered to the Tasheel hall I was greeted by a full of team members and managers including our CEO.

Such a lot of memorable situation came during my works like water leakage, drain tank overflow, swimming pool lacked and water came inside the elevator, molded all over the flat wall after the painting however the entire situation I managed well with 100% guest satisfaction.

Finally I will wind up with the job reference numbers that you required and Reason of leaving.

My reason of leaving is there were no growth opportunities at my current company so I decided to explore new opportunity.

On Time Group:
Ms.Anu Sing
HR Manager In charge /payroll officer
Telephone: 04-2525000
Mob: 0529023105
Hilton Dubai Creek
Mr.Manoj P John
Event Manager
Telephone: 04-2271111
Mob: 0554293055
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
Shayi Kuniyil