Do fatal. Extreme confidence can actually lead to

Do you have self-confidence? the answer matters a lot. For those living in a world full of organisms that are mainly fighting to survive and are heavily influenced by the society which values flawless performance, it makes sense that a sense of self-confidence is highly imperative.
However, we are not going to lie that self-confidence has a dark side too. It is more like a paracetamol – the right amount will help you, but too much can be potentially fatal. Extreme confidence can actually lead to unrealistic expectations.
Staring those hazel eyes with flecks of ire,
Footprints of wicked memories cloud over my mind
Reminiscing those fiery eyes that burn like fire
Will bring back the tears of woes unbind

Years have passed, yet I can still recall
How things of glee turn sad and cold
Ugliness of melancholy was the result after all?
Poor me to act like mighty and bold

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The pain is still fresh and new to me
All etched in the pages of my memory
Wishing everything will turn into a sweet reverie
Because I want to end this painful reality

Waves of memories from the past ignite flame,
So sad, I can never ever forget them