Did you know that “The percentage of children with home access to a handheld computer or smartphone rose from 25 percent in 2010 to 89 percent in 2015” (Herold, 2018). This is due to the fact that children nowadays have access to most of electronic devices. for instance, phones, tablets, iPad’s, television and computers. Smartphones can affect bonding time that is supposed to continue between parent and child (Imafidon, n.d.

). According to gray (2016) the survey of 2,000 British found that children are commonly glued to a screen at home for more than four hours every day. Kates (2016) states that smartphones can’t address the full vision of needs that our kids desire in order to grow into entirely functioning human beings. Technology is taking away children’s lives as it has damaging effects on children’s physical, mental and social health.

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