Denis account that there is no actual evidence

Denis Sullivan English 101Mrs. CostelloAtheism When you think about atheism, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Could it be the fact that it’s a growing religion? Maybe you think it’s stupid or that it’s just like any other religion. The word atheism is derived from the negative “a” which means no, and the Greek word “theos” which means god. So, basically it translates to “no god”. Atheisms main ideas are much more logical than other religions.

The no religion religion also takes in account that there is no actual evidence that a higher power exists. Suspicious? You’re not alone. Atheism is growing in many different areas of the world. Religion is a hard thing to believe in. Trusting in something that you can’t see or interact with is a hard thing to do. Plus the fact that there is no definite proof.

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It has everybody who is not a firm believer in a religion shaken up. It is most rapidly growing in The United States of America and Australia. Atheism is growing, and nothing can stop it.

The main reasons and ideas of Atheism are a lot more lax than other religions. For example, “heaven doesn’t depend on going to church or believing in a god” (Jansen). The heaven that Atheists believe in doesn’t relate to how faithful you are or how often you went to church.

It is an automatic destination after death. In fact, majority “of the world does not believe in God” (Jansen). 40 percent of people have a religious belief, while the other 60 percent does not believe in a religion. The world is being overtaken by all of these religions chasing interests with one thing in mind, money.

Someone could say that “without religion people would have nothing to live for” (Jansen). This is completely false because in the situation that you don’t have to worry about pleasing a higher power. You can focus on your own personal well-being and how to live a happy life. Not believing in a god makes you realize that the only person that you have to please is yourself.

Spending time worried about not being faithful enough can take a toll on your personal health. Being worried can have a large effect on the type of person you are and are going to become. As Matt Slick puts it, “An atheist is someone who is free from religious oppression and bigotry.

” This is a prime example of the laid back and open mindedness of atheists. They are free from all religious ideas. The fact that there is no physical proof that god exists gives atheism an upper hand on other religions. Wayne Jackson states that “the atheist knows absolutely nothing relative to his origin”.

Meaning that you don’t know where you came from or why you are here. They also think that there is no purpose for a person to be born. Not a happy way of looking at life but a very realistic point of view. As you can tell, Atheism is a very realistic and sensible way of life. They look at things with a somewhat negative tone. For example, they think that the universe created itself from absolutely nothing. If there was nothing that means is there was a “time when nothing existed, nothing would exist today—for nothing produces nothing but nothingness” (Jackson).

Wayne Jackson’s claim is that nothing cannot create anything. The only thing that it can create is more nothing. Matter is not capable of creating itself. Therefore, it would be impossible for life to have been created from absolutely nothing.

Near the end of their lives many thoughts cross their minds. Like the fact that their life had no meaning beyond the fact that you are living. It leads them to the thought that there is no purpose or plan in human existence. Millennials are significantly more open minded than any other. This could be related to the fact that anybody can be anything in this time period. People think about life differently and ask themselves questions like, “why am I here” and, “where did I go after I die”.

People think about things from all different points of view. Gabe Bullard states in an article that “the unaffiliated tend to be several years younger than the population average”. The fact that people are looking for a religion so different than others shows how different the world is.

Back in the day everybody had a religion. 9 times out of 10 it was based on your parents beliefs. More people nowadays want to be nonconformists. “There’s some evidence that official state religions drive people away from faith entirely” says Bullard on why the United States is more religious than Western nations. Theories like “Internet access spurs atheism” (Bullard) is completely believable because there are so many influences all over the internet that make you want to be different. People do stupid things to be different.

Advertisements all over social media and your browser say all different things ab religions to what to eat. They show you what it’s like and they seem happy with their lives. An unhappy person would take the opportunity to see what it offers to them in the present and the long run.

With the open mindedness of millennials it is very believable that this theory could be true. In conclusion, Atheism isn’t what everybody thinks. It is a community. Just like any other religion.

A group of people all believing in the same thing. There is no point in looking down on them because they are the same as you. Just people trying to understand what life is really about. Nobody knows, for a fact, what life is all about or what the true purpose is.