Delegation tool for the organisation. Specific –

Delegation is a key management skill, it develops people, is time saving, and can motivate. It can also have a negative effect on motivation and causes frustration if not done correctly. Using the Model SMART delegating can be a great tool for the organisation. Specific – A clear layout of what the task is, when its required for, why its to be done, who its done for, the importance of accuracy and any . Measurable – The task has to be tracked on how well the employee has achieved your specific instruction.

Achievable – Before delegating any task you will need to consider if its achievable. Does the employee you selected have the knowledge, skills (Skills Matrix), resources and time to complete the task to the standard required. if these are not considered you are setting the member of your team up to fail.

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 Relevant – take note of whether the task is part of the member of staffs job description, it could become frustrating for the employee if the tasks you as their manager set them aren’t what they consider part of their job role.Time Bound – It is important to set a time frame to ensure all parties are aware when the task needs to be completed.Once the selected employee has completed the task the manager should take the time to provide feedback regarding how well they did or on ways they could improve. this is also the time to listen to their feedback on how well they think it went or what barriers they came across during the task. By following the SMART model and following it through it will increase the effectiveness of the office. It will also empower the  employee giving them a boost of motivation.