December according to an assumption that the

December 21, 1917Dear Diary, I haven’t got the chance to write for over 3 months. The Passchendaele war lasted from the end of July to November, and we captured the village. Sir Arthur Currie was righteous about objecting the Canadian involvement in this battle. But Sir Douglas Haig insisted we bring back victory.

The strategies were well planned according to an assumption that the German forces were on merge of collapsing. The battle conditions were unbearable. We dug trenches and had our tanks stuck later on. The rain was consistent, it made it tough to walk through the deep mud without being stuck too. The dead bodies were left on the ground, which made the illness spread faster. You can’t believe how many times I wished I didn’t go through this experience. There wasn’t a proper shelter or food.

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One of the strategies was to attack during the dry period, September was the driest month. There were about 300,000 soldiers lost, including some of my young friends who had their lives in front of them. Sir Currie threatened to withdraw the Canadian force if we were misused again. Anyways, I am blessed for still being alive and healthy.

I missed my dear family that I left for what seems like years.