Dear she is dead. Her body will be

Dear Romeo,In the wake of your sad banishing from Verona, the town is in ruin.

The Montagues and Capulets are running riot around the town and no one is safe. Juliet has come running to me looking for a solution. There has been a change in plans. Juliet is frantic because her father has moved up the wedding date which will join Paris and Juliet in marriage. I had to intervene to keep Juliet from taking her own life. I realized I had no choice. I had to stop the wedding.

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The wedding is this Thursday, to prevent the wedding from taking place, the night before, Juliet will be taking a special potion that I created for her to make her appear as if she is dead. Her body will be lifeless. The next morning when her body is discovered, she will be taken to the grave where Tybalt is buried. Once she is buried you should have received this letter and should be on your way back.

She will awake within 3 days of taking the potion. When you return you must secretly make your way to her grave and wait for her to awake. When she does, you must make haste out of Verona and to the safety of a nearby town where you will have to live. I will work on trying to remove your banishment but in the mean time I wish you well in your new life outside of Verona. You must hurry when you receive this letter in order to make it back in time to see your lovely life awake once again.

If all goes to order, you should be in and out with her in roughly an hour and no one in all of Verona will ever know what happened. Juliet’s three day slumber will give me time to work out the feud between your parents. I will counsel both the Capulets and Montagues on the foolishness of carrying on a destructive feud all these years. It is time for the two families to come together.

When I can reunite the two feuding families, I will send word to you and Juliet. Do not return until I have sent word that it is safe to return home. I will be praying for a safe and successful outcome for this plan.

I’m entrusting the livelihood of both your lives within this message and that you understand what is happening. I wish you the best and cannot wait to see you and Juliet once more.Sincerely,Friar Laurence