Date: 5th June, 2018
The Visa Officer,
Canadian High Commission,

SUBJECT: Study Permit application bearing passport no # L3762477 and date of birth #31-07-1991.

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I am Miss. Akhila Podduturi. I hail from Adilabad, India. I come from a humble background whereby my father, Mr. Raghuveer Reddy Podduturi serves the Mandal Praja Parishad as a superintendent and my mother, Mrs.Krishnaveni Podduturi is a homemaker. Hereby, I submit my study-permit application that would enable me to pursue masters in Quality System Engineering in a profound university in Canada. I am glad to share that I have been given a golden opportunity to be a part of Concordia University which is located in the city of Montreal, Quebec.

Purpose of choosing Canada for higher education:

There are myriad reasons why I chose to pursue a master’s degree in Concordia University. Firstly, Concordia University holds a good ranking and comes in the Top 4 Universities in Canada. Also, QS World rankings in 2018 has recognised Concordia University as a leading international institution in 15 out of 48 subjects which includes the subjects I am going to specialise in. Secondly, while the undergraduate courses enable a student to grasp the fundamentals involved in a particular discipline of engineering, they do not present the opportunity to learn the ropes with new technologies that are current within the industry. Specialization becomes a necessity to understand new technologies and to improve upon the existing ones. It is to achieve this sophistication that I set out to pursue my postgraduate (M.Sc.) studies in Quality System Engineering.
A master’s degree in Canada would expose me to a different education system altogether. Along with that, cross-cultural learning would come handy. Lastly, the tuition fees borne would be lower as compared to universities in other countries. The aforementioned reasons make Concordia University a desirable option for me and other aspirants who look forward to carve a career in the field of Quality System Engineering.
I bring along a strong grasp of fundamentals, an aptitude for teamwork, a zest for challenges and an enthusiastic desire to learn all I can. I believe that the knowledge I have gained is little and there is much more to learn and relearn. So with the knowledge I possess and desire to learn more made graduate study a natural choice for me. I am sure that a Master’s program in your country will definitely widen the horizons of my knowledge and help me attain a milestone in my career. I am a stern believer of attitude, quality and hard work. I promise to hone my skills and expand my horizon and attain meteoric heights, if I am given a chance.

Funding for my study in Canada
The tuition fees for the full-time program is approximately $28,000(Twenty eight thousand CAD). The first installment Admission confirmation deposit of $250 has already been paid to the University. I intend to finance the rest of the tuition fees of $28000 (approximately 15 lacs INR), through funds in personal Savings/Salary account (approximately 10.5 lacs INR), Father Savings/Salary account (Approximately 5.4 lacs) , Mother Savings account (Approximately 4.9 lacs) , Fathers Provident Fund (approximately Principal amount of 6.8 lacs INR). I have also been offered an education loan of $28927 CAD offer from HDFC Bank based on merit. With these options, I will be able to sustain my living and tuitions costs for the entire course period in Canada,Quebec.
The expenses for my study will be borne by the following:
Education Loan $28927 CAD 1500000 /-
Savings(Self+Father+Mother) $40103 CAD 2080000/-
Provident Fund(Father) $13110 CAD 680000/-

Reasons why I choose to study Quality Engineering

• To work with the end user to implement any new testing criteria or assembly methods they may have developed
• The graduate will be able to contribute to the role of creating value in an organization and will be able to apply modern quality techniques and procedures to solve problems and enhance the quality of goods and services.
• The Quality Engineering Management program provides individuals with the knowledge and techniques to improve the delivery and quality of goods and services.
• Graduates of this program may find employment as: quality inspectors, quality engineers, quality coordinators, quality technicians, quality managers, ISO coordinators, quality supervisors, quality auditors and project managers.
• I have chosen to study PG Diploma in Quality Engineering Management since that is both logical extension of my study and the program which I have chosen is the advanced study of what I studied in Graduation.
• To design system by which production quality can be checked in an on-going process.
• To make sure the proper operation of equipment and machinery

After completing my Post Graduate studies in Quality Engineering and Management, there are so many options available in terms of domain as well as nature of job. The top ranked position in every organization are occupied by foreign qualified graduates from India. After my graduation I will come back to my home country with international exposure. There will be significant growth in logistics and its related industries in India. I can expect good employment as I am going to hold Quality Engineering Management degree along with basic degree in Mechanical Engineering

My future plans are already explained above and hence I have dearth of opportunities back in India for the proposed program in Canada. My plan is to complete the program in Canada successfully and gain some experience and then return to India with Canadian Qualification and experience which would give me an edge over others in the ever opportunistic Indian market.
I kindly request you to grant me Student visa , for which I shall be thankful. As mentioned in the checklist, I am attaching the required documents in support of my application. I thank you and assure you of my utmost sincerity.

Yours sincerely,
Akhila Podduturi,
Mobile: +91 7507664030