Cyber Author Michael Mullen the critical infrastructure

Cyber Attacks on InfrastructureCyber attackers made their foot prints vastly on almost all the departments from financial services, banking to water & Waste management’s etc, which is confirmed by Department of Homeland security deems 16 sectors as critical also stated, if they fail to function it will create a mass impact on public health and economic security. From the opinion of Author Michael Mullen the critical infrastructure focuses on systems which are developed on the basis of data processing and they rely on optimized technologies to ensure their protection towards system and service. TECHNOLOGY LEAVES INFRASTRUCTURE VULNERABLE Even though the latest trends and development in Technology in terms of data processing, lightening fast data transfers etc., it will always be considered as a double edged sword.

On one side it was considered as technology powers the infrastructure; on the other hand devices linked to internet opened the gates for malware which completely deletes, copies, transfers the private data. Somehow Hackers finds their way to attack the network linked to infrastructures results in financial loss, Identity theft etc. RECENT RESEARCH:- As per Computers Weekly latest report by Accenture on Security strategies:– 78% of the banks are much confident on their security protocol’s they maintain- 51% of the banks able to find out what is the source- 51% of the banks able to find out what will be the amount of loss- 50% of the banks can handle the loss due to the security breachThe worst case scenario was a bank can identify breach only after 59 days which is a serious concern. For Example: – The recent Equifax data breach has affected as many as 143 million Americans. It is calculated these data breach can cause a loss of $6 trillion annually by 2021 if it is been continued.

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INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTIONAll over the world, each government pertaining to their country taking several precautionary actions in controlling data breach by recording incidents and comparing with the ongoing threats, Implemented security protocols both in physical and digital infrastructures for the timely detection based on informational and operational systems. Also introduced hardware’s that are capable of protecting vulnerabilities from the exploitation of hackers. Taking all these incidents in to consideration USA has National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) in place under Department of Homeland Security (DHS, 2008)