Contents: of safety and incident interaction ?

? Detail of incident
? Lack of safety and incident interaction
? Summary of Investigation reports
? Causalities/Losses
? Side effects
? Critical analysis
? Feed-back/recommendations/Conclusions

In this report death of an employee due to inhalation of certain chemicals, its various causes, side effects and analysis of the whole scenario has been examined thoroughly to view lack of safety measures provided by the industry.

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Death of a relative due to inhalation of carcinogens
Name of victim: Zaheen Iqbal
Cause of death: Inhalation of carcinogens
Work: Rubber, Gloves, Polymer Industry
Location: Sialkot
My uncle expired due to inhalation of different chemicals and carcinogens. These chemicals acted as a slow poison for him because the death occurred due to long term exposure to them. He was diagnosed with last stage cancer after a few years of working in the same industry.

Inhalation is one of the more insidious lab hazards on this list, as some chemicals have no scent whatsoever and can be impossible to detect until it’s too late. Furthermore, vaporizing certain chemicals – such as chlorine gas or formaldehyde – can cause serious respiratory problems and even death.
Precautions can include wearing face mask etc.
A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that promotes carcinogenesis, the formation of cancer.
Workers in the rubber-manufacturing industry are exposed to dusts and fumes from the rubber-making and vulcanization processes. Potential exposures include N-nitrosamines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, solvents, and phthalates. Inhalation is the main route of exposure, although workers may have dermal exposure as well (e.g. to cyclohexane-soluble compounds).

Lack of safety and incident interaction:
Chemicals can be expensive, and workers in some industries may never know when they’ll need to use a certain chemical again in the future. But according to Harrington, this kind of thinking can lead to serious hazards. These are some factors that could have caused the problems in the first place:
? Human factors and personal errors
? Deficient maintenance
? Hazardous environment
? Lack of working understanding of hazards.
? Improper or unintended use of equipment.
? Inexperienced.
? Distractions, lack/loss of attention to task
Maine Unsafe Workplaces
? Exposure to known toxins, pesticides, or other hazardous material without adequate warning Different safety equipments
? Lack of warning signs in places
? Improper ventilation in areas where workers are exposed to fumes such as paint fumes and welding fumes
Lack of Standard Safety Equipment
? Chemical spill kids
? Safety goggles
? First aid kits
? Face Masks to cover nose and mouth area
? Dealing chemicals without gloves because the can also penetrate into skin.
Summary of Investigation reports:
? Eating lunch and snacks in the same industry where there was toxic environment caused fumes to add into food of the victim.
? Lack of safety equipment like hand gloves, face mask to cover nose also played an important role in it.
The death of Zaheen iqbal was the major loss. None loss was known to be happened to industry except of losing such a dedicated employee.
Side Effects:
? Due to sudden death of an employee other employees were afraid to work in such a toxic workplace and were forund to be resigning their jobs. But these were a very few in number and affected the industry at a very minute level.
? There were a few reports against industry because of violation of safety measures but due to fame and being well known in its area it didn’t found guilty of any of the casualties.
Critical analysis:
? Knowing such incidents happening all over the places, people should give major importance to safety while working for these kind of industries or in any laboratories. These measures can save thousands of lives across the world.
? Industry and employees both should know their responsibilities for instance industry must provide all the safety equipments and safety education or training to their employees while on the other hand employees should be more careful with their safety the following procedures.

Feed back/recommendations/Conclusions
? Industries should make sure that their employees use a fume hood when dealing with these chemicals to avoid an unnecessary trip to the hospital. As an additional measure, you can also purchase a multi-gas detector that sets off an alarm whenever dangerous gases are contaminating the air.
? Identifying causes of lab failure will help one to understand about what kind of incidents can take place and how to avoid it.
? Identifying different lab safety symbols can also help.

Different safety symbols Carcinogenic

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