Constructing remains how to put a case

Constructing good ArgumentsNameInstitutionDateConstructing a good argument is an essential skill whether one is writing an essay or merely debating something on some specific platform. However, the challenge remains how to put a case such that it is compelling and able to convince other people such that they can change their minds. One may strongly feel that his/her point is indeed right, but it will take hard work for you to understand why other people actually would disagree. Being able to construct a logic and quality argument may be of great benefit especially when it comes to one’s career. For instance, people like the Members of Parliament need to be people with strong arguments especially when they debate about bills in the parliament. (Augoustinos, LeCouteur, ; Soyland, 2002). Additionally, before they are voted into parliament, they must demonstrate the ability to provide quality and convincing arguments that will make the electorates to vote them in.

This means that, through the skill of being able to construct strong and quality arguments, one has advanced his/her career.Considering multiple points of view provided from different sources may be a great thing especially when one wants to clarify his/her perspective. This is so because, with different reasoning from the diverse sources, one can enrich his/her points that will make up his/her view.

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Using the sources at your disposal, you may realize either you have generated a wrong position, or you have the right points, and then you make the necessary changes in the process of achieving a clear perspective (Wiley ; Voss, 1999). The best advice that can be given to people that can help them be able to understand issues clearly and in an objective way is, one should take time when analyzing a point in question. With this, following the origin and the most probable solutions will be very easy.

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