Computer recognition. In order to harness the full

Computer technology has tremendously grown over the past decade and has become a necessary part of everyday live. The primary computer accessory for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is the mouse. The mouse is not suitable for HCI in some real life situations, such as with Human Robot Interaction (HRI).

There have been many researches on alternative methods to the computer mouse for HCI. The most natural and intuitive technique for HCI, that is a viable replacement for the computer mouse is with the use of hand gestures. This project is therefore aimed at investigating and developing a Computer Control (CC) system using hand gestures. Most laptops today are equipped with webcams, which have recently been used insecurity applications utilizing face recognition. In order to harness the full potential of a webcam, it can be used for vision based CC, which would effectively eliminate the need for a computer mouse or mouse pad.

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The usefulness of a webcam can also be greatly extended to other HCI application such as a sign language database or motion controller. Over the past decades there have been significant advancements in HCI technologies for gaming purposes, such as the Microsoft Kinect and Nintendo Wii. These gaming technologies provide a more natural and interactive means of playing videogames. Motion controls is the future of gaming and it have tremendously boosted the sales of video games, such as the Nintendo Wii which sold over 50 million consoles within a year of itsrelease.HCI using hand gestures is very intuitive and effective for one to one interaction with computers and it provides a Natural User Interface (NUI).

There has been extensive