Chapter traditions, and religion and family values.

Chapter ThreeMethodology3.1 IntroductionThis chapter is considered to be the practical guide whom this researcher intends to use to achieve the objectives of the study, which is the irony and the Comic in Wajahat Ali Play “the Domestic Crusaders.” The current study uses a content descriptive analytical methodology to analyze “The Domestic Crusrs” by Ali .Relevant literature shows that Wajahat Ali is one of the sensational TV journalists who devotes his skilled pen and supreme talents in talking and defending Muslims live in America, as his family does.

Wajahat Ali entire family moved to the United States where they faced a strange environment that differs completely from their former home country in terms of customs, traditions, and religion and family values. through applying an irony and comedy approach to the ideas and beliefs in Ali’s play after the analysis of the events, characters, places, means of narration, and cultural religious beliefs difference and most importantly the discrimination which Muslims face and subjected to we come to conclusion that Muslim community leaders and scholars are exerting great efforts to introduce Islam in its real meaning to the Americans, and Muslims are peaceful people who w are willing very much to contribute effectively in building their new country as other immigrants do without facing discrimination just because difference in religious beliefs,Media in America has always been the means to reveal the confusion behind controversial topics, such as those related to Islam, where many television stations and newspapers have devoted a great deal of their works to talk bad about Islam whether in a direct or indirect way and depict Islam and the Muslims live in their midst with ugly images, that reflect hatred, enmity and the ugliest kind of discrimination.. Muslim scholars and intellectuals are working hard while armed with evidence that reflect the beautiful and humane reality of Islam to prove that the Americans are wrong in their discriminatory practices against Muslims. One of these scholars is Wajahat Ali the subject of this thesis along with his play “Domestic Crusaders”..

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The framework of the analysis uses different influential dimensions within the play such as the cultural, political and religious to show that Islamic beliefs are not terrorist belief, but is a way of true life and a means of liberation , democracy and equality( laysa le Arabifadhlon ala ajamiela bel Taqwa).3.2 Sample of the study The sample of the study consists of Wajahat’s Ali play” Domestic Crusaders “which he wrote and staged in America in an attempt to reverse the faulty image of Islam in the minds of the Americans.3.3. Procedures of the studyThe following procedures are followed in conducting this study:1.

Reading the play “The Domestic Crusaders” and the biography of the writer Wajahat Ali in a comprehensive and understandable manner, with paying serious attention to every detail2. Analyzing the play and relevant themes of Islamic presence and challenges in America3. Finding irony’s nature and reasons for being used in the n play. 4. Tracing the historical background of Islamic immigration to America. And Muslims’ contribution in building America5. Review the previous studies relevant to the main topic of the study, with extensive elaboration.

6-Reveal Results and findings r. 7. Discussing the findings.

8. Conclusion.9. Documenting references according to the APA style.