Business new business venture of this nature will

Business Start-up: White Rose Pets Food
Heather Moxley
Janet Deskins
MKT-113- Introduction to Marketing

White Rose Pets Food
This is a business start-up report that presents the newest venture in town; the White Rose Pets Food. This is a new business venture that has typically invested in the pet food line that will target dogs and cats. Pets are also closes friends to the human being and they are kept at home and one thing for sure is that they have to also feed just like the human beings do. Therefore, there exists several other pet food lines but still they have never been enough as human beings invest in many more pets everyday just like children are born. Therefore, a new business venture of this nature will likely be one of the most successful businesses of this century. Upon evaluation of the market, a decision came in line with investing in the pet food line targeting dogs and cats that are kept by people at home. Therefore, this paper will discuss into details the major products of the food line and the main objectives of the start-up as well as the possible sources of capital, the target clients and customers and also talking about the target revenues in the very first years of operation and doing business. The company will include varieties of dry and wet cat and dog foods; in addition, there will be treats and biscuits for the pets.
The Target Market
This company targets pet owners; cats and dogs in New York City of the USA, based on the market research, several families around the city own pets and they are in constant demand of the pet foods. New York City is one of the most populated cities in the USA and the dog, cat population in NYC is also very high compared to the other states and cities of the USA. It is approximated that there are about 1.1 million pets in New York City; 600,000 dogs and 500,000 cats; this simply translates to one pet for every three households (Animal Care Centers of NYC, 2017). However, the national average is pet ownership is considered to be at 605 and the NYC pet ownership remains lower than the national target. Despite the high rates of pet ownership, it is still clear that there are very few stores that deal with pet food supply and thus the idea of the business fits in very well targeting and focusing on these major households. Based on research, pet walking businesses are also doing so well in the city and thus a combination of the pet food and pet walking businesses will be a big boost to the company. Most of these households with pets are typically interested in feeding their pets and thus this business is likely to boom in the city within the very first year of operation.

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(Animal Care Centers of NYC, 2017)

The Product Needs/Wants of the Target Market
Most of the pet food products are very specific and the pet owners are also very specific on their demands and needs, therefore, this will be a good start for the business as it seeks to provide the products that the target client and customers need. Some of the needs of the pet owners include; the several varieties of dry dog food, the varieties of wet dog food, the varieties of dog treats and biscuits, the varieties of dog rawhides, the varieties of dry cat food, the varieties of wet cat food and also the varieties of cat litter. Most of the cats consume; dry cat food and the wet/canned cat food as well as the cat biscuits and cat treats. On the same note, most of the dogs consume the dry dog food, the wet/canned dog food as well as the dog treats, biscuits and jerky. The business will thus provide all these needs and wants of the clients to satisfy their pets so that they can often get the value for their money.
This paper has focused on the new business venture; the White Rose Pets Food to be set up and established in New York City, America’s most populated state that majority of the families are pet owners. The pet population is approximated to be about 1.1 million (600,000 dogs and 500,000 cats). The business venture targets all the millions of families that are pet owners, every one out of three households in NYC are pet owners. The business has defined the client needs and these are mainly the cat and dog foods such as; wet/canned cat and dog foods, the dry cat and dog food, as well as the cat biscuits and treats; dog treats, biscuits and jerky. The White Rose Pet Foods thus targets a largely populated area that is also having a higher pet population.

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