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Evaluation of Effect of Pregnancy on the Size of Spleen during Pregnancy on Ultrasound Prevalence of kidney stone on type 2 diabetes and gouty patients Submitted to: Ma’am Saba Submitted by: Maryam tariq Roll no: 21303 Discipline BS (Hons) R.I.T Department: Allied Health Professionals Government College University Faisalabad Introduction An aneurysm occurs when an artery’s

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Economic Development is Good or Bad for Environment In 1830s. When Richard Roberts was introduced power loom to substitution with hand production methods, people was began to use machines for efficient production. Nowadays, the economic development is changing our lives to be more convenient, When rich countries today are compared to their own history, there

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Broad stakeholder target shape the backdrop every day to operations decision-making, and top management’s objectives provide a strategic framework, however strolling operations at an operational day-to-day level requires a greater tightly described set of targets. These are the five fundamental ‘performance objectives’ known as the Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility, Cost and they apply every day