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Best Hockey BagsWhen you’re playing hockey you typically need a lot of equipment. To help carry all this equipment to and from practice and games you will need a hockey bag which makes it very convenient. Hockey bags can keep you organized and fit all your protective equipment, hockey skates, uniform and extra change of clothes all in one place. Here are some of the best hockey bags that are on the market that are made of top quality materials and will last if they get a lot of heavy use.Easton Stealth RS Wheel BagThis bag will help you transport your equipment wherever you need to go.

It comes in one size and is black. Typically because of the large amount of equipment that you need in hockey the base and get very heavy. Being able to roll your bag relieves the back, neck and arm stress that can occur from carrying the bag so the wheels that have been added by this company are a bonus. The hockey bag is made of tarp material and ripstop material, which makes it very durable. There is a separate area to hold a helmet.

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The pocket that holds your helmet is lined with fleece to protect it from scratches or damages when you’re transporting it. There’s a section of the bag that can hold your hockey sticks. The section is designed to prevent them from breaking or being damaged when you’re carrying or rolling this hockey bag.

Tour Hockey 2013 Goalie Wheeled Bag – 9028This hockey bag is a very colorful design, which makes it a perfect bag no matter what the color view uniform may be. It can be rolled rather than carried which saves you time and energy when you transport your hockey equipment from one place to another. This rolling feature relieves a strain on your back and due to the heaviness of hockey equipment when it’s accumulated it’s a plus. This bag is 42″ x 20″ x 19″ in size and is perfect for goalies.

Goalies usually have more equipment than other hockey players so this bag fits all of that required equipment in one bag. To make it more durable it is made with strong nylon, which allows the bag to maintain its shape and lasts a long time. The nylon material is reinforced protection against hair and wear. The straps are adjustable which gives you lots of room for your equipment.CCM 38″X 18″ X18″ Hockey BagThis pack allows you to store your many pieces of hockey equipment securely and you can focus on your game without having to worry about keeping your equipment together. It can be difficult when you have to carry so much equipment from place to place. With this hockey bag you’ll be able to carry your hockey equipment with these.

The bag is large enough to keep all your equipment and is made of polyester material, which allows your bag to withstand hazards along with the equipment. The material is also water resistant. If you even put your hockey skates and other semi-wet equipment in the bag your bag will not be damaged. The handle is made of a strong webbing material, which is 2 inches thick which makes it easy to carry. The handle is very strong and there are two additional pockets on the end of this hockey bag that you can put your skates in.

This prevents the hockey bag from being torn in the inside and make sure skates easily accessible. The zipper on the hockey bag is made out of nylon also, which allows you easy entrance into the bag.Harrow Elite BackpackThis is a smaller backpack that provides you ample room for a light set of gear as well as a stick holder on either side so you can carry your trusted twig wherever it’s most comfortable.

Grit Hockey Tower HTSEThis is also another backpack but rolls like luggage. It has a feature torsion technology that allows it to stand upright or still fold flat for easy storage and shipping. There are side straps to securely hold your stick in place.