Background including the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and

Background of the study Nairobi city is Kenya’s capital and the best evidence of modernity in East Africa. Nairobi remains the first stop for travellers ready to explore East Africa’s many wildlife parks.

Even with the relatively new influence of Western culture and businesses, the city still retains much of its charm. Best time to visit and explore Kenya is during the dry season that is from late June to October this is when wildlife viewing takes place. The wildebeest migrations starts from the Masai Mara to the Serengeti in Tanzania which is normally from July until October, moreover the wildlife viewing is good all year round but can differ with parks around the country (Hastings, 2018). Karen Blixen Museum being a big hit with fans of Out of Africa book plus the film, come to see where Meryl Streep work extremely hard on her coffee farm that is in the Ngong hills. The Great Rift Valley is known as Africa’s very classic landscape with its sprawling and over stretching savannah and the unique geology that includes flora and fauna.

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Another name that is given to the Rift valley is “the cradle of human life” because you can find the most dramatic landscapes in the country as well as other African countries that the Rift Valley covers (Journeys by Design, 2018). Nairobi has a lot to offer including the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and the enchanting Giraffe center that you can embark on a tour on your way to the Nairobi National park. I chose to carry out this research out of the interest of the vast growth in the tourism and hospitality industry in Kenya and mainly chose to investigate on the study that has not been discussed or given so much interest. The tourism sector has grown rapidly representing a 16.

7% increase between 2015 – 2017 (, 2018), with this growth it has helped boost and grow the economy of Kenya.

Nairobi was specifically the city i choose rather than any of the other cities in Kenya because it is the governmental and principal industrial centre of the country making it the largest centre of business and trade in East Africa (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018).Choosing Kenya as a whole country would have made the research study work to broad and Nairobi just brings and blends people from all cultures and walk of life. Statement of the problem. In the hospitality industry, attracting and finding highly appropriate trained, qualified and motivated employees, is difficult as it involves measures of establishing the recruitment processes taken by both the local hotel market and the international hotel market. Identifying the knowledge behind hiring of employees, the criteria followed by the recruitment department to identify the skilled and motivated personnel, also get to know who are current type of employees working in the local and international hotel market to know if they are skilled or not. In the hotel market in Kenya there has been a crisis overtime on who are the skilled and unskilled personnel.

No study has been carried out yet to try tackle the issue so more investigation and research is needed (, 2018), (, 2018). The educational background in Kenya is very basic and considered not enough in the hospitality institutions or facilities provided in the country (, 2018). More students are forced to study abroad to get further educational learning due to the low based education that is offered.

The government has not really had set considerations on the hospitality and tourism industry leading to less adequate learning facilities later for what is offered to be rated or considered not broad and enough to the international and local market around Kenya and the world (, 2018).Purpose and significance of the study.The upcoming trend in the capital of Nairobi are the hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and other eateries that continue to thrive. In and out of the city of Nairobi new investments are coming up and are being established by the local and international investors. The Kenyan tourism and hospitality industry in 2015 and some parts of 2016 had become handicapped by the huge amount of terror attacks that resulted in high insecurity risks in the whole of East Africa and the Eastern Africa region. Some cities like Mombasa faced the major blow as it is where most of the tourism activities take place, having had 40 and more hotels shut permanently or temporarily, more than 28,000 workers got laid off from their different jobs (hydrant., 2018). However later by the end of 2016 the tourism and hospitality industry had already started picking itself back with a small amount of new strategies coming up and establishing some projects into place that helped bring back the glory of the industry. Things started to come back to normal as tourists start visiting the country once more as stability was assured once again after the big blow of insecurity was catered and looked upon.

The number of visitors increased from within and outside the country which created and gave the country a lot more opportunities and discoveries which brought more investments to these sectors. International branded hotels opened in different areas of the country not only in Mombasa alone but a lot more in Nairobi too. This has brought a high competitive market around the industry and many of who play part have a risk in losing business if they do not up Their market according to the different demands of the market segments (Gitau, 1983). Kenya being a developing country in the world still faces and battles problems in different sectors and a lot of these problems play a key role to the international organizations to be strict and precise when recruiting as the level of skill and professionalism is needed to be able to work in their organizations. This contributes to limitations of employees around the pool market who are seeking employment as it leaves most of them stranded or unemployed that adds to more economical issues for the country. When coming to employee pool market we see that most of the job seekers are either semi skilled or not skilled at all which may mean that they can get on job training or have out of job training which gives challenges to the organizations because of training costs and look for means and ways to train the employees (Smallbusiness., 2018). I chose to work and critically analyze two different hotels in the market as to see if they have any similarities, if they have any type of recruitment selection and processes that they follow based on the brand of the hotel or if they just follow what the competitive hotels in the market are doing.

I chose to discuss my research on both the international hotel and local hotel based in Nairobi where the international hotel market acts as the strong competitor for the local hotel brands pulling more people to have a great interest to working with the different organizations coming up hence leaving the local brands to improve on their standards and up their game so as to compete. There is no actual study done on the issue of high demand in skilled personnel in the hospitality industry in Kenya and as it is now an issue that is faced all around the world not only in Kenya (Adeola and Ezenwafor, 2016). There are a lot of opportunities in Kenya as more organizations are choosing to establish and have their companies which adds as a great deal when coming to growth that is my main.

The star rating of the hotel brands i wish to use for my study are classified as five star for both the local and international hotel.Contextual Boundaries Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and a remarkable place to visit and explore the delights of Africa and this is why I chose it to be the city and area of study.(,2018). Choosing Nairobi as my area of work is because Nairobi stands as the most competitive area as new investments and businesses are growing as more international and local visitors increasingly see Nairobi as a business hub.

Nairobi has more international hotel brands than any other areas/city in Kenya which gives me more advantage of why I chose it (Mulupi, 2018).With having chose two different hotels for my study is basically one to compare if the recruitment processes are the same, if they do experience the same type of challenges of the unskilled personnel and also focusing on the type of employees they have in their organizations. I selected both hotels to be under the five star rating whether it is the local or international hotel brand, this is so that we can see if they have any similarities or see the local hotel has a different way of recruiting it’s candidates. Main reasons why I decided to pick out the two hotels is because they are the two main dominant competitors in the hotel market in Kenya at the moment and they both play a huge role in the hospitality industry.

Why five star hotel brands this is because that is the highest hotel ranking in Kenya and the competition and high demand of skills and professionalism comes from the five star rated hotel brands (Nafula, 2018)