Attention may be hyperactive and impulsive. Oftentimes they

Attention deficit-hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that affects children and teenagers, and can go into adulthood. Students with ADHD may be hyperactive and impulsive. Oftentimes they have difficulty paying attention and focusing on tasks. These issues are typically discovered when a child first goes to school and has difficulty completing assignments. ADHD tends to be more prevalent in boys than in girls.

Adults with ADHD may be unorganized, have difficulty managing a job, or handling relationships. Low self esteem and addiction are also problematic. Many symptoms of ADHD can be managed through medication and therapy. Through the use of accommodations, interventions and good teaching practices teachers are able to help students reach levels of mastery in their academic work. Teacher tips include preferential seating, giving instructions and asking a student to repeat them, and “chunking” student work so that there is not an overwhelming amount of material presented at one time. Color-coding subject material such as binders and notebooks will also help students with organizational difficulties.

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Using visual cues and timers will enable the student to understand when lessons are starting and other classroom routines. Assigning a “study buddy” to help ADHD students with organization andclass procedures is also helpful.