As strategies in Spain during a survey study,

As an empirical study on L2 motivational strategies in Spain during a survey study, Madrid (2002) questioned 319 students and 18 teachers from different primary and secondary schools about the powerful impact of 18 motivational strategies on students’ perceived motivation. According to the results of this study it was clear that the use of audiovisual resources and new technologies, satisfying the students, needs and interests, group work, students’ participation in class, good grades, success expectations and reward and praise were the most motivational strategies. Factors such as lack of participation like listening passively, working individually, and using the L2 in classroom were the weakest one. So the findings of this study shows the motivational strategies that were found to increase the students’ interest, attention ,and satisfaction should not only promoted by teachers but they should also promote the use of L2 as an unpopular but necessary strategy in their classrooms.

Another study was piloted in the context of Iran by Mustafa Papi and Esmaeel Abdollahzadeh in (2012). This reading targets to deliver realistic proof on the association between motivational strategies used by teachers and effect of these strategies on the conduct of English foreign language learners in Irani context .For this study 741 male students of English from 26 secondary school classes trained by 17 teachers were approached. Motivated Interactive codes of students were measured by instruments formerly developed by Dornyei and Guilloteaux (2008).A questionnaire contained of both situation-specific and general –motivational scale was completed by participating students. Teacher’s general motivational practice was appraised by using post hoc rating scale. The results of this study demonstrations that there is a linking between teacher’s motivational plans and student’s inspired behavior. No difference s were found between high –motivation and low- motivation learner groups in terms of their ideal second language L2 selves, the low-motivation group had stronger ought-to L2 selves.

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At Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (2017) a research study was directed by Esen Sucuoglu in order to recognize the request level of motivational plans used at both government and private secondary schools. It was a quantitative expressive research which was piloted to 96 English Language teachers. Among the samples were 33 of them were teaching at private schools and 63 of them were teaching at government schools. Tool of research used in this study was a questionnaire developed by Dornyei (2003). The results of this studies show that sometimes motivational strategies are applied to create motivation among learners.’ I encourage risk taking and have mistaken accepted as a natural part of learning’ is always applied’ is the highest ranking in sample , while ‘I ask for the student’s assistance in execution certain helpful tasks at home’ is the lowest practical and liked items by the learners in the sample.