Animal However, because most of us think humans

Animal cruelty is a huge problem in our world.

From tiny cramped cages in zoos to slaughtering just for hides, animal cruelty is all around us. However, because most of us think humans are the most important creatures in the world, we don’t usually recognize the small signs suggesting who’s in charge. Most dogs are kept on leashes because is most neighborhoods, it is highly recommended to do so. But why? Why are dogs kept on leashes? Dogs once roamed free in the wild, but soon became domesticated once humans started looking after them. Over generations, dogs have become more and more domesticated. Dogs no longer have to hunt for food, their food is served to them every day, complete with a nice warm bed to sleep in. However, wolves and coyotes alike, are treated differently.

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People scream and get scared when they see coyotes, thinking that they are vicious and harmful creatures. But looking back, isn’t that the same breed of creature that we have domesticated over centuries? Not to mention that each year, over 100 wolves are killed by humans, just for hide and entertainment. As for zoos, wild animals are captured and taken into captivity just for human entertainment. Did you know, if you were an orca in Seaworld, life would be like being kidnapped from your family to only spend your entire life in a tiny cramped space, and being forced to perform tricks? Just think about it, if you had to spend the rest of your life in a bathtub, would you be happy? Most likely, no. Well, this is the life of orcas in Seaworld and many other marine parks. Orcas in the wild normally live between 30 and 50 years. Their maximum lifespan is between 60 and 70 years for males and between 80 and more than 100 for females.

The average age of orcas who have died in captivity (aka, were stuck at SeaWorld) is only 13 years old. You can prevent some animal cruelty by not supporting companies who hold animals captive, such as aquariums, circuses, zoos, etc. Not to mention that other stuff happens in the world as well.