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and Soul. Nature can bring comfort tous when we are in grief and anxiety.important to get back to nature to de stress ourselves and to experience pure joy.Q6.

Read all the chapters of the novel ‘Christmas Carol’.1. ?? ? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??? ??? ???2. A4 ???? ??? ?? ????? ???? ??????? ()? ? ??? ??????3. ?? ???.

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???? ? 0?1?? ?? ????? 4?5???4. ?7??? ?? 5???? ????;???? =?? ?? ??? ??Page 1 of 5Darbari Lal DAV Model SchoolBlock, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi – 110 088(Affiliated and Accredited to CBSE)HOLIDAYS HOME WORK (2018 – 19)CLASS – VIIISUBJECT: ENGLISHWith changing times the concept of a fun filled vacation has changed too.paragraph in about 200 to 250 words describing your idea of a holiday.250 words) beginning or ending with the following prompt:’I am the prefect at school or the baby at home?’You can refer to the poem given on page 18 19 of your English Reader.Given below is a list of people who cast aside their personal interest for the largerRead about the life and work of any of the following and make a collage on theDr Deviprasad ShettyIshwar Chandra Vidya SagarOn the basis of your reading of unit 3 Enterprise of English Reader, write aparagraph in about 200 to 250 words on the topic ‘Success comes to those who willre has a great impact on our mind, body an