An in this day, recounted by Karl’s

An Elephant in the Garden was written by Michael Morpurgo.

It’s based on a true story. This book is mainly about the bombing in Dresden, by the Allies in the final years of the Second World War. Through the eyes of a Karl’s family, we find out about the events of the time they went through in 1944 when the people of Dresden had to run for their lives. One thing that makes this story a little different is that Karl’s family have an Elephant with them. Karl’s family is made up of Karl, his sister, Elizabeth, and his mother who is a nurse in an old people’s home.

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The book begins in this day, recounted by Karl’s mother. Karl makes friends with one of the locals, Lizzie, who is reminded by Karl of her brother when he was a boy. The story is taken over by Lizzie who starts to tell Karl the story of the elephant, Marlene, pointing out that their mother worked at Dresden Zoo during the war and was given the job of looking after a baby elephant.

After the bombs began to fall, the Zoo’s Director put out a warning that the animals may have to be destroyed should they escape and be a danger to the public. Karl’s mother decides to keep Marlene in their garden so, with the Director’s permission, she can keep Marlene safe. But when the bombing becomes intense the family and elephant have to leave their home.I would recommend this book for ages 9 to 13 Years.