Among and Swift Blink and V8 Engines

Among the four browsers which are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, we would like to compare Safari and Google Chrome.

About Google Chrome and Safari
Google Chrome VS Safari
Google Developers Apple
Java, Python, C and JavaScript Written in
-both are written in C++ Objective-C and Swift
Blink and V8 Engines used Web kit and Nitro
Any device that has Chrome Sync to All Macs and iOS devices
Every 6 weeks Updating period Yearly
Chrome OS, iOS 10 or later, Linux, OS X 10.10 or later, Windows 7 or later Operating system Mac OS, iOS and windows(discontinued since 9 May 2012)
71.0 Latest release Safari 11
Features that offered by both Google Chrome and Safari are listed below:
Private browsing feature
Private browsing feature in Safari is known as Private Browsing Mode while in Google Chrome is known as Incognito Mode.

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Both these features enable users to browse their website without saving any information about the webpages that users visited and AutoFill information as well.

Screenshot feature
Both Google Chrome and Safari enable users to take full-screen capture.

A picture in picture feature
A picture in picture feature enables users to watch a video in an overlapping window that did not block by other windows.

It allows users to do multitask and watch video simultaneously.

Restore last tabs
Both Safari and Google Chrome allow users to reopen recently closed tabs.

Clear browsing data feature
Both Google Chrome and Safari allow users to clear their browsing data. Users can clear the browsing data based on a time range.

Security protection and password feature
Google Chrome and Safari with their advanced technology like sandboxing blocks malicious software to keep users’ computer safe from security threats.

The security also helps user to create strong password for each website.

Night mode feature
Google Chrome and Safari both have a night mode feature which can turn the current stylesheet into night mode-a dark theme in order to protect users’ eyes.

Capability that Google Chrome has but Safari doesn’t have.

A built-in translator
Google Chrome has a built-in translator that enables users to translate a page that written in a language that they don’t understand in just a single click. The built-in translator in Google Chrome allows users to translate a foreign language automatically into another language of their preference. On the other hand, Safari doesn’t have a built-in translator. Safari relies on a third party like Microsoft Translator or Bing Translator. For those who want to use Microsoft Translator in their IOS device must first install the app on their gadgets such as iPad, iPhone and Mac book in order to get this function. The Microsoft Translator can only translate into 60 different languages. In a nutshell, a built-in translator is one of the capability that Google Chrome has but Safari doesn’t have.

Capability that Safari has but Google Chrome doesn’t have.

The color profile support

Safari is the only browser that corrects the color of web images. Safari gives an accurate color to the images as it was supported by International Color Consortium(ICC). Hence, the images and photos that a Safari’s users see are closely similar to the originals if comparing to another browser like Google Chrome.

Cost of Safari and Google Chrome
Both Safari and Google Chrome are freeware that is no monetary cost.

Preferable browser with explanation
Based on the above evaluations, we think that Safari is a better browser comparing to Google Chrome.

3524250191452500-45720196469000This is because Safari lets users to share their information with other IOS through the iCloud account. Besides, iCloud will automatically back up photos, data, messages and etc. everyday. Moreover, Safari has a tool which can check spelling and grammar when users are typing or writing a message. Furthermore, the color profile support feature that only available in Safari provide users a better view and more accurate color if compare with the originals. On the other hand, Safari has a simple and clean interface comparing to Google Chrome. Last but not least, Safari with private browsing, picture in picture, screenshot feature, restore tab, clear browsing data, night mode feature and strong security protection feature makes users likes to use Safari more compare with other browsers.