“ADAM!””WHAT?””Your for nothing son still living with his

“ADAM!””WHAT?””Your mum and I are going out to eat, you sure you don’t wanna come”Yes dad, im in the middle of a quest. This is very important.”His dad gave him a shrug then closed the front door while shaking his head. They already gave up on convincing him to live a better life.

After finishing Uni, Adam gave up on everything and just stays in his room and playing video games. Adam is the picture perfect description of a loser. He is a bum, a good for nothing son still living with his parents at the age of 30. No job, no friends and no girlfriend.

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He spends all day in front of his computer playing video games.Well his family is well off anyways. Not filthy rich but with the money they have Adam can afford to live like this and there’s no need for him to work. They live in a 3 floor house located in a plush middle class neighbourhood.

Due to Adam being spoiled by his parents he gets to have his room on the top floor. Since he is a recluse, his only interaction to the outside world is through his window. He has set up his top of the line and very expensive computer system right beside that window.

Whenever the urge to see the outside world hits him, he’ll just glance outside for a few minutes before focusing on his computer again.On this particular day. A huge storm seems to come out of nowhere.

Bright and sunny one moment then dark and windy the next. An hour later loud thunder claps and gale force winds ravaged the city. Adam being the gamer that he is and with the volume on his headset turned all the way up he totally ignores what’s happening outside. There are infinite number of universes and unknown to Adam, this day happens to be the day when two of those universes align. A violet lighting strike hit Adams house. As if guided by fate it hits right at the window and struck the computer system.

22nd century technology is not the same as it was back in 2018. Full virtual drive immersion has been developed by Japan and is now widely used for home entertainment and player-based games. Adam is currently hooked up to his VR module. A small needle is plugged into the back of his neck When the lightning struck his equipment, it travelled through the module through the needle and directly into his brain. Adam at the age of 33 technically in this universe, died on the spot.

A big notification on the screen says:GAME OVER!Excruciating pain. Every single part of my body hurts. Its like every nerve in my body is sizzling with electricity. I can’t remember how long I’ve been lying here.

I don’t even know where I am. It was raining when I suddenly got dropped here. I can hear the rain drops outside the window. I think its been at least a few days and it’s still raining outside. I can’t hold on anymore.

The pain is too much. I feel like my strength is all gone now. Everything is going dark. I can take the pain now. Its more of a buzz instead of the constant pain I was experiencing before.

However, I realized that I have a new problem. I’m Hungry.It took me a while to be mobile. I finally got the strength to push my self up and look around the room. Its my room but it looks really dilapidated. Everything is dusty and mouldy. What the hell happened? I’m hungry now.

But the most shocking discovery however are the [email protected]#*ing zombies!I started hearing some beeping sounds like an alarm or something. What the hell is it. I hope these zombies outside don’t hear it or else I’m dead. The alarms are speeding up and getting loud now. I don’t care anymore. I’m almost done.

I hope the zombies can hear those sounds. Hopefully the zombies kill me already. WARNING! WARNING! Due to excessive hunger, HP started sustaining damage and is now in critical level.

Please consume 1 red potion to avoid death. BANG! And the door came down.