According together, People from Every Single Corner of

According to the Recent Survey Reports Presented by Wearesocial and Hootsuite the Number of Internet Users at present has already surpassed 4 Billion while the figure keeps Exponentially Increasing every year by 7%. To add on, the Reports reveal that not only the Number of Users has Increased but also the time they spend on Internet. By Average a Person spends One-third of his awakening life (6 Hours a Day) Using Internet-Powered Devices. To Read More About this statement: WeareSocial Internet …

. The Worldwide Network with the largest Computer-based Connections. Bringing together, People from Every Single Corner of the World. History of Humans is full of milestones and achievements, and Internet is one of the Recent Additions to the List! Though It has not been a long time since Internet entered our lives, but the change that it brought into the world was huge.

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Unquestionably, Internet is the one that holds the credit of Introducing a whole new Era of Information, Entertainment and Communication to our World. HISTORY AND ORIGINS OF INTERNETThe Long Story of Internet begins with the Establishment of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA), priorly referenced to as (APRA), in US, on February 7th, 1958. The Launch Of the Department was in response to the Cold War with the Soviet Union Since Late 1940’s.

The Department aimed to execute researches and development projects for the National Security. Soviet Union launched the first Earth Satellite, named as Sputnik 1 which set the alarm bells for United States. The US Defense Network relied only on telephones, and they got concerned for their Long Distance Communications.A Scientist from DAPRA, J.

C.R. Licklider, presented the idea of connecting the computers via network. He successfully convinced the panel of scientists that Global Computer Networking was an Important Concept.

His vision led to the invention of APRANet, which laid the foundation for what Internet is today. As Quoted in Roads and Crossroads of Internet History :Kleinrock, said in an interview: “We set up a telephone connection between us and the guys at SRI,”We typed the L and we asked on the phone, “Do you see the L?” “Yes, we see the L,” came the response.We typed the O, and we asked, “Do you see the O.””Yes, we see the O.”Then we typed the G, and the system crashed …

Yet a revolution had begun” ….

Internet kept improving year after year, and it covered the long journey from being an uncertain project to World Wide Web and being used by over 4 Billion People in just a short time of 60 Years. Yet we are uncertain if the revolution that began 60 years ago, is done.ImageNowadays, No one can deny the great influence of Internet on our lives, but what is rather controversial, is whether the gains from the Internet outnumber the losses or not. Not Unlike Other Inventions, Internet Carries it’s own benefits and implications. Following are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet.POSITIVE SIDE OF THE INTERNETInternet has made our lives a lot easier and there is no second opinion to that.

Internet’s biggest contribution to the modern world probably is the high speed exchange of Information. Any kind of Information can now easily be found by subject, on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. With the help of Internet the flow of information has immensely increased. This Includes the Storage, Collection, Searching and Sharing of Information via Networks.

In fact, Internet Allows us to remain updated of what’s happening around the globe, all the time. Any Event Happening on the other corner of world, spreads throughout like wildfire.The wide variety of subjects available online allows internet to become an additional source of knowledge assisting students worldwide, in their formal education. The treasures of Information available online, can be used by Students in their Projects and Assignments. Access to E-Books and Virtual Libraries on Internet have made reading easier than ever. Developing or Learning a Skill is no more a problem, with Online Courses and Academies where Professional and Skilled Teachers are always there to guide you. Internet provides Solution to Every Single Problem, from Health Issues to Booking a Hotel for your Vacations.

ImageThe Second largest Contribution of Internet is Communication and It has probably changed the definition of Communication. Undoubtedly, Internet has managed to do pretty will in this field. Face-to-Face Conversation with People who are miles away from you, has now become a reality. Internet lets you communicate to, virtually anyone from any corner of world, without having to leave your chair. Before Internet communication was bound to just telephones and letters, and now, Emails, Online Chatting, Text Messaging, Video Calling, Voice Calling, Online Conferencing and what not! Sending Messages are now just a matter of seconds, and almost every single business uses emails for Marketing or Communicating Purposes.

Celebrities are now using Social Media as a medium to promote themselves and their campaigns, and connect with their fans. Connecting with Our Favorite Personalities, Long-Distance Friends and Relatives and Socializing was never so easier, Thanks to Internet!Looking out for ways to get Entertained? Internet has got you covered. Besides being a source of knowledge and information, the services of Internet for Entertainment cannot be left unnoticed. Buying Tickets to Movies and Going out to Clubs has now become a thing of Past.

With Services like Netflix and Spotify, the Entertainment Industry has been revolutionized. Great Percentage of Population Surf the Internet for entertainment purposes, which include, Watching Movies, Gaming and Listening to Music. Online Gaming has become a huge business and Internet has successfully attracted a large amounts of Traffic through Online Entertainment Industry. Another Major Contribution of Internet in changing our lifestyle, is of course, E-Commerce. Apart from being a Source of Income for many people, E-Commerce has managed to become very popular for customers in a very short period of time due to obvious reasons.

Online Shopping…. The Service that provides you with Virtually any product you think of, at your doorstep. Furthermore, Prices can be compared and Reviews and Ratings of the Products could be checked to get the best deals available.

With an Unbelievable Vast Range of Products to choose from, Online Shopping Websites like Amazon and Ebay also strive to assure that Customer gets the Best Product, Customer Service up to the level of Excellence and Hassle-free Shopping Experience. E-commerce on the other hand, has also managed to contribute in providing Jobs and played a major part in decreasing the percentage of Unemployment.Internet has also provided a great benefit to businesses. Companies and Brands can now promote themselves and advertise their brand, free of any cost, through social media and blogs.

Moreover Paid Promotions are also available with the services of different online advertising agencies. Online Banking has also made it a lot easier for Businessmen to make deals and transaction within seconds. Likewise, Freelancers and Students can also sign up for Part-time Online Jobs or write blogs just as a hobby or to make a living for themselves. Along with providing additional experience, this also provides them with an opportunity to develop skills for professional life.THE EVIL SIDE AND DANGERS OF INTERNETWith all it’s benefits, Internet has also got an uglier side of itself. One of the Major Disadvantages of Internet is, is showing over-reliance and getting addicted to it.

To Majority of the Population, even a thought of world without Internet would seem to be a nightmare. This is because some people get over-addicted to Internet and they simply cannot live without it. People give up their important work, students are ready to delay their projects, just because they are watching a movie or are busy chatting online or are simply wasting their time surfing. As they say, “Nothing is Evil, but too much of anything is evil”. The Internet has got too strong of a hold on our lives and now it just seems impossible to let go of it.

To get rid of these addictions, blocking apps such as Focus Me, Focal Filter and Cold Turkey turn out to be very useful.This leads us to the second major negative impact of Internet on our Lives which is assuredly, the wastage of time. Most People use Internet without any positive purpose and tend to waste loads of time at chatting rooms, watching movies, playing video games and doing many other useless activities. Social Media Apps have caused a significant increase in time wastage.

Every 60 Seconds there are 38 Million messages sent only through Whatsapp and the figure increases dramatically every year. There’s a whole bunch of things to do on Internet, and one would not find it difficult to waste time using Internet. Many people would spend loads of time, reading online articles about “How to Spend Time Productively”, just to end up realizing that this wasn’t productive either. Others would spend hours just scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, or checking their E-mails, trying to clear out their Inboxes.

To avoid these kind of situations, it is very helpful to hold yourself accountable, questioning yourself, what percentage of time can be categorized as Productive out of my 3 Hours on Internet. Save Time on Internet Using Time Tracking Apps such as RescueTime, Timely and Moment.