A: the temperature of the pan. E:

A: Aluminum PlatesThe non-magnetic properties of Aluminum makes it a suitable material to place beneath the burners to protect complex electronics from electromagnetic fields and from the high temperatures produced during cooking.B: FerritesFerrites underneath the copper coils resist the magnetic field, focusing the field on the pot directly above.C: Insulated Gate Bipolar TransistorThe Transistor cuts up the electric current’s wavelengths, rapidly switching the power on and off. The process impulses the pan’s electron fields in and out of alignment, producing heat through intermolecular rubbing.

D: Central Processing UnitThe CPU propels current to the respective inductor coil, which yields a magnetic field. Sensors connected to the CPU perceives and upholds the temperature of the pan. E: Wiring to CPU & BurnersCopper conductors, bundled to uniformly dispenses the load, conveys the current from the breaker panel to the CPUF: Cookware SensorsSensors in each coil/inductor detect the temperature of the cookware on top.

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This safety feature ensures that the current deactivates if the cooktop overheats.G: Inductors (Burners)These copper coils’ magnetic fields induce heat-producing currents in the cookware. H: Control PanelThe heat settings are displayed digitally on a numerical scale