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A study of primary education from a male perspectiveJoanna GuierraCarola TzulYamilet Allegria Cindy TotMale teachers are heading to be instinct of becoming a primary school teacher which is decreasing at a high range of percent. According to Australian Catholic University (AUC) found the most popular state that indicates the drastic decline of male teacher whereby in 2014 16% of Victorian primary school teacher were male and 15 % of Queensland primary school teacher were male (2015). According to Riley Teaching has been consider to be a devalued and low status which affect male more than women(2015). Male teacher are rapidly declining unless, the Government take action by implement new strategy to attract male into the teaching career to balance equally gender into this profession. According to Macquarie University show that male teacher are declining from 28.5 per cent of primary school teacher to just 18 per cent today (2015). In 2067 McGrath predict that there will be no male teaching into primary education devaluing the importance of the profession and had an impact on the number of male attracted to the sector of teaching (2015).

Teaching has always been considering to be a feminine figure which is always been seen as a women job. To educate students about honesty, respect and, responsibility and there consequence of their action. Also, McGrath say’s there should be more scholarship that will attract male into the profession of women. “States and territories and non-government schools are responsibility for which teacher’s works in school, but for our part, the Turnbull government is working to raise the perceptions of teachers to make it a more attraction long-term for everyone,” (Birmingham 2015). According to the National Education Association (NEA) report indicate that there are 785,151 male teachers in Elementary and Secondary school across the nation compare to 2.4 million of women (2014). Expert analysis insists that sexism…stereotypes fear of accusation of abuse…and that for men, working with children is perceived to come with low wage and low status (2014).

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Teaching will always be the centre of all other career it’s the foundation that build and creates dreams of being a profession into other career for example business, science, math Information Technology etc. males are lacking the opportunity to educate and help students to create their own imagination that will allowed them to be someone professional in life. What’s behind the shortage of male teacher publish October 1st, 2015, visited April 17th, 2018 and retrieve from: gap growing teaching profession publish January 17th, 2017 and visited April 17th, 2018 retrieve from: