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A counsellor is trained to listen and understand an individual and to help them how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings. A counsellor provides therapy to their client to maintain their stress or problems that distresses them mentally and psychical. For the end result, the therapist discusses the client’s ambitions they want to achieve and set solutions for them.The relationship between the therapist and client should be special and it should be formed to encourage the client and to open up about their deepest fears and feelings that they haven’t ever thought about. The counsellor wants the client to feel secure and be safe that enables the client to talk about themselves if they feel like they are reliable, building that strong relationship and trust is very important to get a good outcome at the end of the session.

The counsellor has to be persuasive not just having true intentions or showing love to them but have the commitment to begin the during the counselling process and providing the best to gain the client’s interest. The relationship between the counsellor and client is very crucial because the counsellor has to be dependable and be there on time when sessions are booked. During the session, the counsellor shouldn’t find faults of the client but rather listen to the client when they talk about being scared, guilty, ashamed and so on.

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The counsellor then has a chance to assist them to solve these feelings. The therapist should show enthusiasm and curiosity towards the client and giving them all the attention. The Counsellor should be good at listening and letting the client open up. Good listening means seeing the clients sentiment and agreeing to their perception while supporting them regardless of how hard and unpleasant it may be.