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A child centred approach is where a child can communicate with the people around them and have a choice/input when making plans/choosing an activity. A child centred approach is also beneficial for them to learn the correct skills they need to know by focusing on what interests them and what will benefit them the most. By using the right approach for each specific child it can increase their chance of learning and may also enhance their self-esteem which can be helpful in later life. Children want to be respected, their views to be heard, to have stable relationships with professionals built on trust and for consistent support provided for their individual needs.Anyone working with children should see and speak to the child, listen to what they say, take their views seriously, and work together when planning how to support their needs.Children learn by picking activities that interest them.

This creates a sense of individuality and helps the child think for themselves. The benefit of them choosing and playing on their own is that they work independently and may also discover their potential and challenge themselves. In my setting free play is the main part of our daily plan. Within reason our days are child centred and when conflict arises we discuss options and come up with compromises to ensure each child is happy with the outcome. An adult led activity focuses too much on who can do or cant do certain aspects of that activity…in my setting if I am to set up an activity I then take a step back and let each child feel there own way , challenging themselves/ asking for help / showing off their skills / interacting with others , this type of child led play encourages risk taking, testing boundaries and problem solving ..safely!

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