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5 ways to disappoint your Vietnamese mother page 287 900-1200 wordsStep one: Quitting schoolLike many mothers, my mother wants me to complete high school because she knows i’m capable of finishing my education if I put the effort in. If I was to drop out before graduating my mother would be disappointed because she knows i can do it and i would just be giving up.

School is the best time of your life as I am told by many adults when I complain about my homework and having to get up early everyday. VCE has put a huge strain on my life, i feel like a new person. I am constantly stressing about what SAC i have coming up next and what i have to study for if i fall behind. I second guess my decisions because i know i have a huge weight to pull this year. My parents constantly compare my siblings and i by by our academic levels. I try my hardest and my brother who is younger is constantly challenging me to make our mother proud. If i was living is Vietnam and i was to quit school my Vietnamese mother would kick me out the house, im very lucky to have an understanding mother.

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Step two: Not getting a job at 15My mother wanted me to get a job as soon as i was old enough. The last months of me being 14 my mother helped me look and apply for jobs so i would have one straight away when i turned 15. She wanted me to have independence and learn how to handle my own money, as well as learn to save on my own. My mother didn’t realise how hard it was for me to get a job, after applying and getting rejected many times. I found so many companies always wanted the opposite of what i needed.

i needed after school hours and a casual position but they were always looking for older people that could work during the day. I kept trying till I was successful and now i have a casual job that I get hours for every week.Step three: Getting a tattoo My mother reminds me every time she see’s a tattoos that they are permanent and never go away, if you want a tattoo you have to be sure about it.

i see it as my parents looking out for me from saving me from having regrets if i ever changed my mind. My parents would be disappointed if it was in a visible place especially because it would affect my chances of getting a high paying job and defacing my body.Step four: Go against their rulesIf your mother said no it’s a no, but being the rebellious girl i am i go against the answer i don’t want to hear. Being a teenager i want to live my life and do the things that my friends are doing with them. I enjoy going to parties almost every weekend because i like going out with my friends.

My mother always tells me to home by a certain time and i always push for later. A Vietnamese mother wouldn’t even let her child out.Step five: Do drugsDrugs are a big no, drugs cannot only affect you but you can become addicted and can die from them.

Drugs are very common in high schools and many people lose their morals due to peer pressure. People turn to drugs when they are stressed to calm them down but they have to remember that drugs aren’t the solution to problems. Usually people on drugs can’t maintain a job, routine, family and be successful.