31% were the two constituencies which was

31% of vote were won by BJP. Since 1984 BJP became the first party to win the majority of seat in Lok Sabha and the tally was doubled by 282 in the Lok Sabha. Many INC were dissatisfied by the voter, not only this the success for the BJP were also the regional parties of North India. Bjp not only performed well all over but also performed well in Uttar Pradesh were it drew exceptionally from the upper caste Hindus and 10% of votes were also given by the Muslim which were much more than the before votes given by Muslim. Due to the violence between Hindu and Muslim the party performed well in different places. By the victory led by the BJP there were many commentator said that the election were constituted by a political alignment from progressive parties and towards the right wing.

Varanasi and Vadodara were the two constituencies which was led by Lok Sabha in which Modi himself was the candidate. Modi not only won in everything but also defeated both the party which is Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal in Varanasi Madhusudan Mistry in Vadodara by winning votes around 5,70,128. Modi became the Prime Minister by the President of India. He vacated the Vadodara seats because of the law comply stated that the MP cannot accept more than one constituency.

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