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In 1945, the Green Revolution began and introduced newly highly developed technologies of scientifically bred crops throughout the world. The Green Revolution was mostly caused by the need to eliminate poverty and hunger worldwide because it was a serious issue that was affecting communities all around. The Green Revolution had many consequences such as the

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1.1 INTRODUCTION TO FERRITE: Magnetic materials play an important .It has many technological and electrical applications in the present civilization .1Ferrites have relevant value in the class of ceramic oxides which exhibit magnetic and electrical properties .2Ferrites are ferromagnetic material which have double oxide of iron with other materials.(K). Ferrites have widely used in modern

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Background of the studyThis research outlines the factors that influenced smartphone brand preferences among students. The smartphone industry is developing with more current and cheaper versions of smartphones and it is being introduced to the market, leading to high level of competition and innovation. This study is mostly on university students since they are youthful

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NameTutorCourseDateBut What If we’re wrong?Klosterman claims that people live in a culture of casual certitude. Every generation believes that there is nothing left to learn. According to him, time passes, opinions invert and ideas shift. What seems reasonable eventually turns into absurdity and become replaced by modern perspectives that are more secure and irrefutable. The

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6. DISCUSSION Role of genetics in causation of essential hypertension in children with parental history of hypertension is reflected in the form of raised blood pressure and increased adiposity is well documented fact. The variations in study population in the form of confounding factors like age, gender, environmental factors and lifestyle makes it a difficult