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?What’s in here?In this project, I’ll tell you all about the nutritional aspect to coconuts, but also the history of the fruit (yes, it’s a fruit, although also technically classified as a tree nut by most food administrations).I will also talk about where coconut originally came from and a bit about the tree it comes from.Coconut TreesThe coconut tree, sometimes referred to as a ‘tree of life’ because of all its uses and purposes.

Starting from the bottom, the roots can be used for dying things, drinks and medicinal purposes. The durable trunk can be used for making furniture, building parts and to be made into paper pulp. Getting onto the actual coconut, the outside (or the husk) can be used to make an elastic fibre called coir, which is used for rope, mats and cloth. The coconut shell can be used to make loads of things.

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A couple examples being, most popularly, charcoal