?Unit up with lots of potential ideas that

?Unit 18: -P5 planning diary
P5 Criteria
Planning diary
Briefing about our project that we are completing that is a collage Fair which will be at Christmas time in collage.
We then when into small groups and came up with lots of potential ideas that could be held and the collage Fair in some stalls.

We decided as a group to divide everyone into three main teams the names of these teams are, admin and finance, marketing and sales and operations.
Everyone then choose which teams we wanted to be in.
Each team then decided if they want a team leader and who it will be if yes.
The teams were also told to think about what charities we would like to support.

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The marketing team went to the library and developed possible backgrounds for our promotion ideas and then presented the ideas back to the group
The admin and finance team drew up a template for the booking database and they also created an action plan for our projects it had all the tasks that needed to be completed and when they needed to be completed by and identifying who is going to be carrying out these tasks.

We short listed potential charities that we wanted to support and then had a group vote which came out in favour of mental health charities working in Pembrokeshire alongside Get The Boys A Lift.

The marketing went to the library and created 3 mock up backgrounds for our promotional material.

The rest of the team identified 3 different stalls that we could run ourselves, FIFA stall, food stall and a decorate your own baubles stall.