1. to coordinate the brain’s reaction and interpretation

1. It Improves The Cognitive Functions:
According to research conducted by C. Shawn Green, the psychologist of the University of Wisconsin, video games can benefit the teen’s cognitive functions. It changes the brain structure exactly the same way while playing the piano, navigating the map and learning to read. The combination of concentration and the surges of neurotransmitters strengthen the neural circuits that build the brain.
2. Hand and Eye Coordination:
Research has shown that teens can learn spatial, visual, and iconic skills from the video games. Some games require a great deal of visual-spatial ability and hand-eye coordination to be successful. The player has to coordinate the brain’s reaction and interpretation with his hands and fingertip movements.
3. Quick Thinking and Accuracy:
The action in video games prepares the gamers to make quick decisions. It trains the brain to make fast decisions without losing accuracy. A study has also shown that video games can train surgeons and soldiers.
4. Improve Your Decision Making Skills:
Gaming will improve your decision-making skills. The study has found that teens that play video games made decisions 25% faster without affecting accuracy. Teens adept in gaming can make choices and act upon them six times a second; this is four times faster than normal.