1. to be different. A good leader

1. One of the qualities that are required to become a good leader is courageous. A good leader is courageous enough to abandon a practice that has made him or her successful in the past.

A good leader is dare to be different. A good leader willing to take risks in order to achieve his or her goals without assurance of success due to uncertainty. Besides, the other quality that is needed by a good leader is practicality. A good leader does not just talk about risk-taking but they will actually take the action and do it. Besides, the other quality that is needed to become a good leader is determination. A determined leader is a good leader who able to build his emotional stamina to withstand people that holding different views with him. For example, a good leader should build his own emotional stamina in order to withstand people telling that his idea is naïve, reckless or just plain stupid.

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Furthermore, quality that is needed to become a good leader is positivity. A great leader is not head-down when he faces ordeals or get into a difficult situation. A god leader will think of the positive side and make something impossible to be possible as he knows that there are always ups and downs in live. A good leader will also remain positive when something went wrong and try the best to find a solution. Moreover, the forth quality that a leader should has is to make good relationship with others. A great leader should have the capacity to develop relationships with people that different than him regardless it is biological, physical, functional, political, cultural or socioeconomic. Next, a good leader must be trusted, so people will trust you and willing to cooperate with you to achieve a shared goal.

On the other hand, quality required for a good leader is innovation. A great leader has to be innovative as nothing big gets done if he only relies on traditional development practices or traditional assessment and this outdated performance will give him false positives and stunt his growth as a good leader. Relatively, a great leader should make something with complex matrix.

Lastly, quality that is needed to become a good leader is decision making capabilities. A good leader should think clearly and make the best and accurate decision to avoid regression. For example, story happened on Chris, a superstar leader who decide to moves to a new unit and fails resulting a destroying unrecoverable value for himself. It shows that decision making capability is an important quality that a good leader required.2.

If I was given an opportunity to lead a team, I will ensure the success of my team by first setting team goals because setting goals can boost members’ performance. Strong and clear goals can motivate members to increase their effort by doing more jobs and decrease their leisure time for less important things. They will work harder and harder in order to achieve the goals. Secondly, I will support my members all the time as I think support is an important factor that will lead a team to success.

Besides, I will also encourage team members to support each other. To support them, I will always be an attentive listener to listen what is their problem and I will speak to them nicely after knowing their situation or problem faced. This is because challenges and difficulties will affect their performance. Besides, as a leader, I will always motivate my members to ensure the success of the team.

I will not punish my team members when they meet failure; I will encourage them to try again as I believe that all human beings make mistakes. Then, I will also communicate with them to maintain a close relationship with my members as I think communication is important for a team. I will also conduct meeting frequently to know their current situation.

In the meeting, members can discuss about the problem faced and what they need in order to achieve the team goals. For example, some members may need more trainings so that they will have a better performance. On the other hand, I will make I myself as a role model as the team so that they are willing follow my instructions, commands and convince my lead.

I will also be an active participant in the group and do the same things as what I ask them to do so that they will feel fair as everyone doing the same things. I believe that by doing so, members will feel more comfortable and try their best to achieve the team goals. I will always make sure that they are happy with their current situation as happier employees will bring higher profits in a company. Next, I will always plan for the trainings and make sure all the members will attend the training.

For example, a leader of a school basketball team has to call all the members for training to ensure everyone has a good technique in bouncing the ball, shooting the ball and defending the opponents. This can lead them to success as practice make perfect.Furthermore, I will ensure the success of my team by giving equal shot like opportunity and training for all the members. For example, I will give all the members an opportunity to share their opinion so that no one will feel left out and everyone will feel themselves to be respected; I will also give training to all the members so that no one left behind.

I will also ask for members’ opinion before any decision made so that everyone will agree the final decision and work harder to hit their target. Then, I will always appreciate, praise and award my members when they reach the goals. This action may lead the team more and more closer to become successful because rewards not only encourage the positive attitudes and behavior of members but also push them to work harder.