• is the responsibility and property to provid

Ashrfas W.L.L is an organization has been established in 1913 owend by Mr.Ashraf Mohammedi (chrirman). It was the oldest, famous and successful organzation in souq at manama Bahrain. Mr. Ashraf Mohammed founded the company with a small retail store souq in Mnama, and he expended and growth in high range in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.

In 1994 Ashrafs company has been acquired by Y.K. Almoayyed &Sons. It has been developed and expanded to a high level of efficiency efficiency by adopting them to raise the level of the retailers and wholesale distributors of Electronics, Office Equipment, Photography Goods, Homeward, and Accessories.

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• Produce & service
The collative objective of Ashrafs W.L.L is the responsibility and property to provid the customers provide good product of the highest quality with fair price and continues after sales service.
“As Mr. Farouk Yousuf Almoayyed” “Ashrafs continuous commitment was to “quality” and “reliability”, such that each of our dedicated lines of business provides customers with state-of-the-art products and services each and every time.”

Ashrfas W.L.L company is a retiles and wholes sale, considered her business on five main division:
2-Home Ware
3-Gift ware
4-FMCG distributor
‘resturant (Doza Plaza restaurant ;coffee Shop ) ‘

Ashrafs, About UsOnline Available at HYPERLINK “” Accessed 6 March 2018 4:40 PM
• Target Customer
Ashraf does not serve a specific category of society, it has wide variety of segment meets all the needs, requirements, and desires of society from a various ages, gender and think.
from electronics to photography or from giftware to fashion brands or from consumer imaging to FMCG because the main goal of ashraf is to achieve consumer satisfaction by offering good and high quality, and the end find out the smile on the customer face.( Mrs. Amal Almoayyed,2018).
• Purpose &goals

• PESTEL analysis

? Social
Bahrain involves a many various national from all over the world. The Indian community occupies 50% of the population of the Kingdom of Bahrain, accordingly to nationality from serve category of south Indian cuisines, vegetarian, healthy types. If can look form the strengthen side of the restruent , wide resturents in indain and other contry.
ensuring customer satisfaction in all its endeavors.

? Legal

? Econemy

? environment

Ways HR processional support line manger and their staff:

Ashrfa is seek to implement an organization with strong, effective relationship between the staff and there line manger. We consider HR is the link between them to conduct the organization requirement.
1-traning and development sttaf : HR department support the line manger by training employees Through support from tmakeen program to optimize performance and fill the gaps required to conduct the work in smooth way.Also Which makes it easier for the employee to understand the nature of his work.
For example , Ashraf seek to delevlop the english lungeuge who face the weekense to communicate with his line manger specially the lower grade positions such as helper, worker by register them in highly performance institute. in the other hand it will become an easily communication , on both line manger and the employee.
2- Ashraf is interest to maintain the worker’s health life stayle and healthy environment. HR can support the line manger by provide monthly form for health risk assessment which affects on the employees productively. This assessment it help the line manger to avoid any sickness in the future and to be strong healthy management. At the same time to reduce the absence level of the employees . Also the line managers can find out how will be the replacement of any absence or sickness.
3-HR can support t