¬ Mary’s orientation a good idea? ¬

¬ Yes, I think for all applicants it is their right to know all real and related information about the job they are looking for. Chris gave some hints about Peggy that was incomplete, and it created negative vibes to Marry. I think Chris should have mentioned more about good and bad aspects of a job during her hiring process as she was a new employee and it would obviously create positive and enthusiastic environment to carry out her new job.

1. 2) Was the meeting with each employee as part of Mary’s orientation a good idea?
¬ I do not think it is the good idea of marry to meet each employee at the very first days of her job because the best option we can do in first few days of our job is to listen. It is not the time to make strong decisions and new strategies and trying to change the policies of office.
However, marry was not aware of results she should have gone through the group meetings as the employees can share more things and they may find helpful to open up in group. And Group meetings are often helpful to flow information with in many people at a same time. She could have a contact with human resource managers in case she could clear her basic inquiries about other employees and she would not have been a part of judgement.

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